Pricing FAQs

All BindPlane features are available to all users. You control the metrics in your stream and you only pay for the metrics you consume.

  • Can I purchase BindPlane without a monitoring platform?

    No. BindPlane is strictly focused on metric collection and enhancements. Visualization, monitoring, alerting and analysis happen in your destination platform(s). The dashboard and alerting features included in the Dimensional Data stream are only accessible from within a monitoring platform.

  • Can I try BindPlane before I buy it?

    Yes. Your first 30-days with BindPlane is free. Get started here.

  • What does billing unit “Metrics per Minute” mean?

    BindPlane is priced by how many metrics may be sent to your destination monitoring platform(s) each minute, defined in the licensing terms as “Metrics per Minute” (MPM). Customers can purchase a MPM bandwidth allotment in increments of 1000 MPM. With this pricing model, you pay once to send the metrics to your monitoring platform and then can perform unlimited analysis and visualizations using that data.

    We recommend that you purchase a MPM bandwidth allotment that aligns with the average amount of data you expect to send to your monitoring platform each month. In order to estimate your monthly MPM usage, you may request an estimate or start a 30-day free trial.

  • How can I control my usage and stay within my budget?

    BindPlane gives you granular control of what metrics you collect. You can disable unnecessary collection by individual metrics or entire resource groups.

    You also have control over the collection interval of your metrics. By default, we collect on a 1-minute interval which results in 1 MPM bandwidth usage for each metric collected. Choosing a collection interval of 5 minutes where appropriate would reduce your usage to 0.2 MPM for each metric collected at that interval.

    Some metrics are considered essential because they power the dashboards included with BindPlane. These metrics cannot be disabled.

  • What happens if I exceed my MPM bandwidth limit?

    Bursting over your MPM bandwidth limit is permitted, as long your average monthly MPM does not exceed your MPM limit for any given month.

    If your MPM usage exceeds your monthly limit, you will be required to place an order to increase your monthly limit. If no order is placed and overage continues, metric collection may be suspended.

  • How can I check my MPM usage?

    You can check your current MPM usage at any time by signing into the BindPlane interface and opening the “Settings” menu and clicking “Usage”.BindPlane will alert you if your daily MPM consumption reaches a level that, if continued, would put your account above its monthly MPM bandwidth allotment. BindPlane will also alert you if you are exceeding your monthly MPM bandwidth limit.

  • Can I buy MPM in increments other than 1000?

    Custom terms may be available for high-volume customers. Contact us for details.

  • Do I get a discount if I send my BindPlane metrics to more than one account within the same destination platform?

    Yes! We offer a 75% discount on your MPM rate if you send your metrics to more than one account within the same destination monitoring platform.

  • Do I get a discount if I send my BindPlane metrics to more than one monitoring platform?

    Yes! We offer a 50% discount on your MPM rate if you send your metrics to multiple monitoring platforms.

  • Do I need to buy support?

    No, the MPM unit price quoted in the annual subscription includes standard support.

  • How much will BindPlane cost me?
  • How can I purchase BindPlane?

    There are three common ways to purchase BindPlane.
    1. Your monitoring platform’s marketplace
    2. Your reseller or distributor (coming soon!)
    3. Blue Medora sales

  • What are the licensing terms for BindPlane?

    BindPlane is licensed for an annual term, which allows you to access the Dimensional Data stream for 12 months from the date of purchase. At the end of the term, you must stop using the service or renew your subscription. Blue Medora also offers multi-year options for customers interested in a longer-term commitment. Contact us for a multi-year term quote.

  • How do I pay for BindPlane?

    You can select monthly or annual billing on your annual license. Currently, we will invoice you based on your payment terms. Credit card payment is coming soon.

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