Our approach to monitoring data collection has proven to decrease downtime, improve team productivity and save our customers a lot of money. Both our system-based and Metric Per Minute pricing models provide flexibility to best meet your business needs.

Reduce downtime, troubleshoot faster

3 Management Packs

$2.35* Monthly – Per OSI

$23.52* Monthly – Per CPU * All plans billed annually

6 Management Packs

$4.15* Monthly – Per OSI

$41.54* Monthly – Per CPU

Unlimited Management Packs

$10.79* Monthly – Per OSI

$107.90* Monthly – Per CPU

Free Trial
  • Full metric visibility in within VMware vRealize Operations
  • Built-in dashboards for full-stack visualization
  • Native-like vRealize Operations alerting and reporting capabilities
  • Premium support included
  • Requires any VMware vRealize Operations license
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List price


Per 1000 Metrics Per Minute (MPM), per month, annual subscription

Free Trial
  • Full metric visibility in the monitoring platform of your choice
  • Scale up to unlimited metrics per minute on any of our supported endpoints and services
  • Collect and enhance any metric into a Dimensional Data stream
  • Volume discounts for multi-account or multi-platform observability
  • Built-in dashboards for full-stack visualization
  • Real-time destination platform alerting and reporting capabilities
  • Self-maintaining, agentless collector
  • Premium support included
  • Single, self-maintaining connection is continuously updated by our cloud service
  • Unlimited users
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How much will BindPlane cost you?

Looking for pricing on Oracle Enterprise Manager, VMware Care Systems Analytics or VMware vRealize Operations plugins? Contact us.

Why BindPlane

Affordable, self-maintaining metric collection

Just how affordable? Here is a primer on metrics per minute are a few answers other common questions.

Save up to $1 million/year

If you’re thinking, "Can’t I just download a bunch of free plugins?," you might want to read up on the architectural differences between flat metrics our Dimensional Data stream or find out more about why your metric collection strategy matters.

Flexible pricing features

BindPlane is priced on metric ingestion, but more data isn’t always the answer. Our service allows you the ability to fine-tune exactly which metrics you collect based on your environment and use case.

How to buy

There are multiple ways to buy Blue Medora integrations.

Platform marketplaces

If you’re running Microsoft Azure Monitor, New Relic or VMware vRealize, you can find our integrations in those marketplaces.


If you’ve got an existing relationship with a VMware reseller or distributor, you can add our True Visibility Suite to your VMware ELA. Contact your VMware partner or representative for more information.

Blue Medora Sales

Would you like to work with one of our monitoring integration experts directly? The feeling is mutual.

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