The Power of Data: Opening the Aperture for Wavefront

by bluemedora_editor on September 13, 2017

“Digital transformation”–the mantra of the modern enterprise–drives dramatic changes in development and digital operations practices. The pressure to innovate fast forces the adoption of approaches that used to be reserved for “cloud natives” or “web scale” companies.

And so, decomposing apps with microservices, deploying to mixtures of traditional data center and cloud, and automating orchestration happens across enterprises. But it’s never one size fits all. Mixes of developer-lead innovation teams, virtualization teams, enterprise IT, and e-commerce sometimes work together and sometimes independently.

After all, large enterprises are complex.


So how is the enterprise supposed to innovate effectively, in the context of all these groups’ respective disciplines and approaches?

Standardization and consolidation used to be the goal of IT. But the pendulum has swung the other way. Specialization is the norm. Fit and form liberates efficiency and improves quality of service. Developers need tools to help them evaluate code quality in production. Cloud engineers want health telemetry to validate elastic utilization. And yes, lots of Operations managers coddle their pets with deep stack insight.

Wavefront by VMware fits hand in glove with the demands of developers and cloud engineers. Does that mean Operations shouldn’t exploit Wavefront by VMware analytics capabilities? Could devops teams benefit from insight into data persistence as much as application latency?

Answering these questions starts first with comprehensive and ubiquitous data. Blue Medora pioneered a broad suite of comprehensive management packs and plugins for VMware vRealize to provide full stack visibility for VMware admins beyond the virtualization layer. Today, we’re announcing a technical preview of new integrations for Wavefront that can complement application-oriented analysis with signals from database and infrastructure origins.

Cisco UCS fabric interconnect load over time


This new integration allows Operations teams to quickly and easily consume infrastructure operations metrics and telemetry from across their systems whether on premises or in the cloud without requiring agent-based instrumentation. Collected data then can be analyzed within Wavefront by VMware to isolate performance anomalies and correlate root cause based on end user impact.


Metric sources collected by the Blue Medora integration for Wavefront by VMware

Initial integrations available to customers through the early access program add 25 unique IT monitored infrastructure endpoints:

Amazon Aurora Amazon DynamoDB Amazon RDS Cassandra IBM DB2
Microsoft Azure SQL Microsoft SQL SAP HANA Red Hat JBoss EAP Xen Hypervisor
Nutanix Cisco Networking Cisco UCS Citrix NetScaler Dell EMC PowerEdge
Dell EMC VCE Vblock F5 BIG-IP FlexPod HPE Servers Lenovo Compute
Lenovo Network Nimble SolarWinds Nagios Oracle Enterprise Manager

Functionality highlights:

  • End-to-end visibility across the enterprise IT stack. Deep metrics and easy-to-understand insights into the behavior of the leading data center, cloud and database technologies.
  • Superior customization. Flexibility to fine tune metrics, resources and relationships support custom metrics definitions for high performing, right-sized analytics.
  • More accurate analytics. Increase application availability and performance through more accurate analytics, intelligent alerting and quicker root-cause analysis.
  • Single platform. Dissolve monitoring boundaries between engineering teams with a comprehensive, real-time view into your infrastructure and services within the Wavefront platform.

Exploring deep Cassandra database metrics and values

In this moment of enterprise digital transformation, specialization is the only way to create speed and agility. Enabling the unique needs of every team with tooling that removes obstacles to adoption while improving effectiveness will be how enterprises realize their transformation goals. We’re excited to explore this path with you and hope you’ll join the beta today.

[1] hópehely /snowflake/ by bkaree1 on Flickr

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