Ping Probe TCR Reports

by bluemedora_editor on May 27, 2011

Recently, Blue Medora has developed a set of TCR reports for the ITM Ping Probe Agent. These reports were created using TCR v1.3 in Cognos.

Previous Ping Probe reports were developed with BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) where as these new reports were created using Cognos Report Studio. The switch from BIRT to Cognos has proven beneficial. For instance, creating a report is more “drag and drop” than the previous BIRT methods. This simplification of reporting allows customers to easily create their own reports. TCR reports can be beneficial to a company in many ways. For example, if a company would like to view a trend of response time by host over the last week they can run a report with the desired parameters to display such (see figure 1). Another situation where a report may be helpful is in identifying a down host (see figure 2). Once this report is run, the date where the host went down can be discovered. The user can then click on the date in the table to run another report that will dynamically filter the data into an hourly trend report for that date (see figure 3). Now, a company can see exactly what host went down and the hour it went down.

Overall, Cognos Reporting can be a very powerful tool in the business world. It can give information that is aesthetically pleasing and helpful. Additionally, it has a practical use case and is easily deployable. The reports can be installed in minutes and the customer always has the option of creating their own reports.

This truly makes the tool as powerful as what a business needs it to be. Additional information on the Ping Probe Agent can be found at:


Added by: Ryan Abel If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to contact me at


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