How to Suppress the Performance Object Status TEPS node in Agent Builder based agents

by bluemedora_editor on February 9, 2010

If you ever generated an ITM Agent Builder based agent that didn’t contain any Availability filters, your agent probably ended up with a TEPs node called Performance Object Status.

The Performance Object Status attribute group provides a dashboard view of the status of all the attribute group collections occurring in a Agent Builder / Agent Factory based agents. While this information is great, it’s not always preferable to have that information so prominently displayed in the TEP navigator as a distinct node.

To remove the Performance Object Status navigator node from your agent, add the following element to your itm_toolkit_agent.xml file before you generate your agent:

<perf_status_obj_nav_item enable="false" />

This entry should be immediately above and at same level in the XML as the custom_provider_list element.

If you’ve added the above text to your agent xml and generated your agent, the Performance Object Status node should now be suppressed. Note: Even though you’ve suppressed the navigator node, the Performance_Object_Status attribute group and all of it’s data is still available to create workspaces / views with.

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