People and Purpose at Blue Medora

by Joy Ducey Miller on September 10, 2018


People and Purpose at Blue Medora

When a team is relatively small, its purpose and shared values grow organically. But with success comes the potential for that common identity to fray, or get pulled in competing directions, if a company “takes for granted” its culture.

At Blue Medora, we take nothing for granted.

We take seriously our mission to shape the future of the IT monitoring space by re-defining data collection and maximizing visibility into the technology driving business. And we’re maniacal about delighting our customers, nurturing our people and stewarding the values that bind us together as a focused team. We recognize that our culture can be a source of power from which employees, customers, partners and the surrounding community draw energy and growth.

Often, organizational efforts to define and express culture can be trite or disingenuous. When driven by leadership exclusively, they can be blind to the reality of how teams govern their behaviors and foster trust. As a result, teams rarely embrace and evenly adopt a company’s “defined” culture. Blue Medora’s values emanated from within our team, not from executives, or a silo like Human Resources.

We live our values daily and call out our peers when they do not. Our values are both a shield (empowering us to say “no” when face with contraction) and a weapon (empowering us to take risks and action in the face of ambiguity). These are the values we believe in:

We bring passion to our work which drives creative and innovative problem solving that always reveals a path to success.
People and Purpose at Blue Medora

We all are owners. We take pride in the quality of our products, projects, and processes. We always follow through. We work together as a team.

We move quickly and change direction effortlessly, which creates competitive advantage. If we can’t move quickly, we adjust our processes accordingly and keep moving forward.
People and Purpose at Blue Medora

As a growing start-up, we face new challenges every day. When we struggle, we learn from our mistakes and bounce back with a positive resolve.

We prioritize creating value for both internal and external customers. They love working with us and we strive to exceed their expectations. Everyone in every role contributes to our customers’ success.
People and Purpose at Blue Medora

We believe success orbits around happiness, not the other way around. We believe a fun, satisfying, flexible, and inclusive work environment is essential to our company’s growth.

Recently, my colleague Mike Kelly was asked to describe Blue Medora as an animal. A mountain lion is strong, agile, resilient, protective of its family and playful–apt characteristics of our company. We’ve embraced the mountain lion as our “spirit animal” and when you visit our headquarters in Grand Rapids, you might see us kicking it with the cougar.

But you’ll also see us volunteering with BitCamp, talking at Web Dev Meetups, and coming together from remote locations to celebrate milestones.

I’m incredibly proud of the culture we’re fostering here at Blue Medora and hope to share it with you.
People and Purpose at Blue Medora

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