Oracle EM12c Plugin for PostgreSQL Now Supports Latest Version of PostgreSQL

by bluemedora_editor on July 29, 2015

Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has always been the primary tool for DBAs running Oracle workloads. In the past, DBAs have been able to add database monitoring for products such as Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and Sybase with plug-ins provided by Oracle.

Using third-party software, DBAs are able to monitor additional products through OEM. Last year Blue Medora, the world’s leader in third-party OEM plugins, created the Plugin for PostgreSQL which allowed DBAs to monitor Postgres databases in their OEM environment.

In Blue Medora’s latest release of the Plugin for PostreSQL, all Postgres versions 9.0 and above are supported, allowing DBAs to monitor their latest installations of Postgres database from within Enterprise Manager 12c.

The Plugin for PostgreSQL collects over 100 metrics focusing on health, availability, and performance of the Postgres database. These metrics include information on the database, its tables, its indices, and its queries. Each of these metric groups are integrated within Oracle Enterprise Manager, which allows DBAs to use native functionality like thresholding and historical collections.

In addition, the Plugin for PostgreSQL has an intricate user interface that enables the user to quickly identify any issue that may arise in their database by displaying critical alerts and key metrics.

The newest update of the Plugin for PostgreSQL supports Enterprise Manager 12c R3+ and PostgreSQL 9.0+. Oracle Management Agents that run on Windows, Linux, AIX or Solaris are supported. The plugin runs agentless collections, which allows the user to monitor databases without installing any software to a database’s host. This enables quick and easy installation and configuration of the plugin.

For more information on the Plugin for PostgreSQL, visit the product page or the Blue Medora knowledge base. Visit the Blue Medora blog for more insight into Blue Medora’s product portfolio.

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