Curtains, please! Oracle DBAs say visibility into VMware from within Enterprise Manager is a must have for maximum productivity

by bluemedora_editor on March 19, 2013

We work regularly with customers who are using VMware and third-party tools for monitoring and managing their virtual machines..  However, when we speak directly with our customers’ DBAs, we hear that a significant barrier to achieving maximum productivity is their inability to see VMware from within EM12c.  Visibility into those systems is precisely what Blue Medora’s EM Plugin for VMware was designed to enable – pulling back the curtain into VMware right from within EM12c, the DBA’s preferred monitoring and management framework or tool of choice.

Having this visibility within EM12c prevents the DBA from having to:

  • Open a ticket and/or consult with yet another IT group in order identify and remedy root cause of an application performance or availability issue.
    Involving a separate group in performance issue resolution is simply lost time, lost productivity, and lost efficiency. With added visibility into the virtualization layer, you don’t need to rely on another IT group to identify and solve the problem.
    All right, we do understand IT politics and specialization.  The virtualization group is responsible for resolving virtualization issues, but wouldn’t it be better to pass them useful data that helps them to identify the problem virtual machine(s) and Hypervisor(s) instead of little-to-no useful information? If the goal is to help them get to EOJ sooner rather than later, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’
  • Switch over to yet another tool in order to see what is going on in a database’s virtual machine or Hypervisor. You are already using EM to manage your databases… Why use anything else when you experience problems due to virtualization?  With one tool you can immediately detect the root cause of a misbehaving database, virtualized or not.  In fact, by leveraging thresholds and automation you can even prevent those problems from ever happening in the first place.
  • Ask for access to yet another tool.  And take on additional license fees and a new learning curve, not to mention dealing with the aforementioned IT politics and fiefdoms?

DBAs tell us that if they could “just see” into their databases’ virtual machines and Hypervisors, they could very likely solve the problem sooner, while impacting fewer resources across the enterprise.

Additionally, Blue Medora’s EM Plugin for VMware includes out-of-the-box BI Publisher Reports, Configuration Management, and Expert Recommendation capabilities make the DBA’s life that much easier.

  • Packaged BI Publisher reports provide historical and predictive trending on key virtualization and Oracle Workload metrics.  For example: ensure your databases are meeting Oracle’s best practices for virtualizing with a periodic compliance report automatically generated and emailed to your team.
  • Configuration Management and over 300 metrics to allow the DBA to compare healthy and troublesome virtual machines to find the root cause and better standardize virtualized workload deployments.
  • Every metric in the Blue Medora EM Plugin for VMware contains configurable thresholds for custom incident management, and built-in expert recommendations tailored to the DBA to help manage and control the virtualization layer in accordance with VMware best practices.

We encourage you to try Blue Medora’s EM Plugin for VMware for yourself.  We make it easy for you to do so with free licenses and supported trial evaluations. If you do not want to install the software in your own test environment, we can let you log into ours where you can actually run the Plug-in within our Enterprise Manager environment, or we can simply demonstrate it to you via web conference.

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