3 Ways to Optimize SAP Performance in vROps

by bluemedora_editor on March 20, 2017

By: Lora Johnson

Nearly every component of the IT stack contributes to application performance, which can make it challenging to identify what may be causing issues when they arise. For many organizations, a lack of visibility can lead to mean-time-to-innocence hunts — wasting time and creating alert storms that drain the productivity of your teams. 

With a complex application like SAP, performance issues can be even more difficult to pin down as the application requires resources from your virtual environment, network and databases. However, integrating your monitoring into a single console — like vRealize Operations Manager — can give you the visibility into your SAP workloads, as well as other IT relationships that impact performance. 

In this blog post, we’ll cover three ways that you can leverage vRealize Operations to optimize SAP performance for your organization.

Reports and Dashboards

System Overview Dashboard in the SAP Management Pack | Blue Medora

Figure 1: Example of the SAP System Overview Dashboard in vRealize Operations

Performance issues, particularly across a wide-sprawling application like SAP, can be challenging to pin down, especially with the growing complexity of the IT stack in today’s environment. Having the ability to clearly see where issues develop can be a game changer in ensuring availability and a better experience for end users. 

Reporting and dashboards can extend your visibility so that you can view key areas of your SAP environment and identify issues as soon as they arise, rather than when they are wreaking havoc on your system. 

Capacity Planning

Capacity badge in the SAP Management Pack | Blue Medora

Figure 2: Example of analysis badge for SAP in vRealize Operations

Predictive analytics in vRealize Operations can give you the insight that you need to optimize the capacity and health of your SAP environment. 

Analysis badges offer a visual indication of the current condition of your virtual environment. Updated in real-time, you can quickly determine if your capacity issues are caused by various indicators, like workload, capacity or stress on the application. 

Through capacity definitions, you can extend that visibility into specific areas of your SAP application — giving you the ability to report on key elements that will help you determine trends and how to improve your application performance. 

Alerts and Notifications

Leveraging the SAP Management Pack to help with troubleshooting | Blue Medora

Figure 3: Simplify troubleshooting with the ability to see metrics and alerts in an easy-to-read dashboard for SAP resources and objects

Given the complexity of the software-defined data center, it can be challenging to track issues as they occur. Often times, this means you aren’t aware of an issue until you see a dip in performance, or worse, an impact on your end users. 

Through vROps, you can define thresholds to receive detailed alerts and notifications for when issues arise. As a result, your team can simplify your troubleshooting with insight into the root cause of issues and the ability to drill down into the problem — all within a single console in vRealize Operations. 

Why the Blue Medora SAP Management Pack

With the Blue Medora SAP Management Pack for vRealize Operations, extend the capabilities of vRealize Operations with increased access to reports and dashboards, analysis and capacity badges, and key alerts and notifications to drive better performance across your SAP workloads. 

In the latest version of the management pack, users can leverage new and updated functionality, including the ability to:

  • Access to nearly 3,000 additional metrics for key performance indicators, including active session counts, consumed capacity and system utilization
  • See capacity definitions across SAP Landscape, SAP Host, SAP Instance and SAP System, including CPU, physical memory, host CPU and instance CPU
  • Leverage detailed alerts and notifications displayed in vROps, built on symptoms detected in your SAP environment


To learn more about the SAP Management Pack from Blue Medora or to download a free trial, please visit the True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations page on Blue Medora’s website.


This blog post first appeared on the VMware Cloud Management Blog. Read the full post here

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