One DBA’s solution is another DBA’s objection

by bluemedora_editor on February 5, 2013

In my recent inaugural post, I wrote about my past experience in the Enterprise Systems Monitoring and Management space. Today I want to share what I think is an interesting observation about selling Blue Medora’s Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Plugin for VMware.

For those who haven’t yet had a chance to learn about Blue Medora’s EM Plugin for VMware, it monitors Oracle databases running in VMware and provides visibility into the Hypervisors and Virtual Machines in which critical Oracle databases are running. It does this from within Enterprise Manager 12c, which is rapidly becoming the DBA’s preferred framework for monitoring and managing Oracle databases and the infrastructure supporting them. Without the EM Plugin for VMware, the virtualization layer is a “black box,” something DBAs cannot see into or effectively manage.

I hear from customers that this lack of visibility is the key “pain point” that caused them to seek out a solution like Blue Medora. When we talk with DBAs about VMware, we frequently hear things like, “I can see the database and the OS, but if I could just see what is going on with the hypervisors and virtual machines, I could figure out if they are responsible for poor application performance and be closer to solving the problem.”

Here’s where it gets interesting. I also frequently hear from customers that their VMware virtualization is precisely why they see little value in the Blue Medora EM Plugin for VMware. The latter group of DBAs say, “we already have tools that are used by other groups that manage VMware. Why do we need yours too?”

This is a fair and reasonable question, and it deserves a compelling and well-reasoned answer. We’ll continue to explore this important topic in future posts. Until then, I leave you with what I hope is a thought provoking scenario and some follow-up questions.

Picture a five-acre parcel of beautiful, healthy, spring grass. It needs to have its first cut of the season and you’ve been hired for the job. Your choice of tools: a person powered, manual mower with 18“ blades that spin as you walk and push, or a 15 horsepower riding mulch mower with a 48” cutting span. Both tools will certainly get the job done, but which one gets it done faster, easier, and with far less effort? What could you do with the extra time that the more effective tool will save you?

As always, let us know what you think.

Fred Weichselbaum
Sales Director


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