New Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager

by bluemedora_editor on December 20, 2013
This month, one of our newest partners, Blue Medora is releasing the first of two products in their latest product line focused on VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vC Ops):
  • Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for IBM Tivoli Monitoring

As part of VMware’s efforts to expand the ecosystem around vC Ops, VMware partnered with Blue Medora to take over the two existing vC Ops Adapters for IBM and Oracle.  Blue Medora has an extensive background in developing integration technology for those two products and will infuse the vC Ops Management Packs with a series of platform specific best-practice feature enhancements.

Those familiar with Blue Medora know their lengthy track-record of developing high quality and high value 3rdparty extensions for both Oracle and IBM. The track record extends back 6 years in the case of IBM!


Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) is Oracle’s strategic systems management platform and is pervasively deployed by tens of thousands of Oracle customers. The latest version is Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EM12c). EM12c is used to manage, provision, and patch the Oracle infrastructure landscape including Oracle Database, Oracle middleware (WebLogic, Tuxedo, IdM, etc), various Oracle applications (PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, Fusion, etc), and also Oracle hardware (storage, server, Exadata, etc).


For each configured OEM ‘Target’ (i.e. a Database, an Operating System, a WebLogic J2EE instance, etc), OEM collects and stores up to hundreds of near-real-time health, performance, availability, and configuration metrics.  These are the same metrics that are used within OEM to visualize Oracle environments and generate alerts on issues.

Simply put, the Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for OEM makes all these essential Oracle-related metrics available within vC Ops.  It allows the use of vC Op’s capabilities to identify performance issues and gain deep insights into the health, risk and efficiency of your virtual and physical Oracle workloads (the underlying operating systems and in particular related VMware infrastructure, if applicable).  The Blue Medora Management Pack for OEM helps customers recognize and address symptoms that threaten performance and availability, before the symptoms become issues that impact business users and the business itself.


The next generation vC Ops Management Pack for OEM provides deep vC Ops visibility into a customer’s entire OEM managed estates including critical data on Oracle technologies such as:

  • Oracle Database, Oracle RAC, Oracle Database Listener, ASM, ASM Clusters, Oracle TimesTen Database
  • WebLogic Servers, J2EE Applications, WebLogic Clusters & Pools, Tuxedo
  • Oracle Identity Management, Goldengate
  • Oracle Exadata, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances, Oracle Pillar Storage
  • PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, JD Edwards, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Fusions Apps


The greatest benefit of connecting vC Ops to OEM is that it allows customers to have a unified and integrated view of their critical Oracle workloads that are virtualized with VMware. This integration reveals the key metrics that must be monitored, tracked, and measured from each platform to ensure overall system availability and efficiency.

Find out more at the VMware Solution Exchange Cloud Management Marketplace – Blue Medora vC Operations Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager .


This blog post originally appeared on the VMware Cloud Management Blog. Read the full post here

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