Navigating Up and Down the Oracle on VMware stack using Oracle EM12c

by bluemedora_editor on May 13, 2014

This May Blue Medora released the latest version of our Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (EM12c) Plugin for VMware.

Among other things this release adds is a key feature that our customers have been increasingly requesting asking us for over the past year – the ability to begin the process of troubleshooting / diagnosing ‘Oracle on VMware’ integrated stack issues starting from the Oracle Database target main screen for a particular Oracle database instance that is virtualized on VMware, and from that page logically navigate to any or all of the related VMware layers including Virtual Machine, ESX Hypervisor, Cluster, or Datastore.

Use Case #1 – Navigating from a VMware virtual machine to a related Oracle Database

Since the first release of the VMware plugin has supported navigation in the other direction – navigating from the VMware virtual machine target home page to a related Oracle database instance running on the virtual machine.

In the latest release of the VMware plugin the development team has delivered two new two mechanisms for navigating in the other direction – from the Oracle database instance to any of the related VMware layers that the Oracle database is running within.   Interestingly, this capbility to navigate “up” and “down the Oracle on VMware stack has existed in our Blue Medora – VMware vCenter Operations (vCOps) Management Pack for Oracle EM for a while now — and our customers who use that Management Pack find the ability to navigate easily throughout the stack in both directions to be invaluable.

Use Case #2 – Navigating from a Oracle Database to related VMware targets using Oracle EM12c Topology

The first new mechanism implemented in the latest release of the EM12c Plugin for VMware is to enable and utilize the Topology functionality available with the database instance Configuration menu.   When invoking that functionality the topology around the database instance will be displayed including all of the VMware layers the database is running on.   Previously that capability didn’t exist because the relationship mappings deep within the EM12c’s underlying management repository (OMR) weren’t fully exposed to 3rd party plugin developers until fairly recently.  Now they are.

From the Topology view you are able to visualize key KPIs for each target type, visualize the relationships between each target, as well as, at a glance, understand which targets have open EM incidents.    Finally, you can click any target, including the targets that make up the VMware infrastructure, and instantly jump to the corresponding EM page for that target type.

Use Case #3 – Navigating from a Oracle Database to related VMware targets using Oracle EM12c ‘Related Incidents’

The second new mechanism introduced within this release of the plugin is that the plugin now enables you to more easily navigate from an Oracle database to any related VMware target via the introduction of ‘Related Incidents’.

What this means is that from the EM12c database target main UI screen, you will now see any related VMware related EM incidents that may be affecting the health, availability, or performance of the Oracle database instance you are viewing.

The feedback we’ve received from DBAs is that (A) they spend a large amount of time on this screen and it’s corresponding sub-screens and (B) this is the primary EM screen they always use to troubleshoot database issues.

The value of this new functionality is that DBAs (or other types of Oracle admins) will no longer have to manually navigate throughout the VMware environment trying to understand which of the VMware targets are related to database instance they care about.

With the new related incidents, you can very quickly, from the EM12c database target main UI screen, see if one of the related VMware-related targets that the Oracle database instance is contextually running within, is experiencing a exceed an EM threshold and a warning or critical incident has fired.

With this latest release, Oracle EM12c admins are now able to navigate from an Oracle database instance to any related VMware targets as well as navigate the opposite direction – from a VMware virtual machine target to any related Oracle database instances and back-again.

This ability to navigate up or down the Oracle on VMware stack using Oracle EM12c saves Oracle DBA / admins invaluable time troubleshooting Oracle workloads running on VMware as well as enabling quick diagnosis of the root cause of performance and availability problem when dealing with Oracle environments virtualized on VMware.

I encourage you to check out this new capability for yourself.  You can try out and download the free trial here.

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