Myth 5: Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12 c is expensive; requires expensive Packs to be useful

by bluemedora_editor on May 17, 2013

This post is the fifth in a series by guest blogger Hans Forbrich, founder of Forbrich Consulting, entitled Debunking some persistent myths about Oracle Enterprise Manager. Stay tuned for the sixth and final post and a downloadable e-Book of the entire series.

One of the most common comments I hear is that “Database Control is free, Cloud Control is expensive.”

However, the Oracle Enterprise Manager base functionality is included in the license of many Oracle products.

Chapter 10 of the Oracle® Enterprise Manager Licensing Information (found on the home page of the OEM documentation) specifically states  “The base installation of Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c includes several features free of charge with the purchase of any Oracle software license or Support contract.”
It is not unusual for small to mid-sized groups to legally install a Cloud Control free of charge on a spare server in their area.  As indicated, a basic install, with no frills, is included with any supported license.

It is important to note that non-base functionality such as High Availability explicitly requires separate licenses to be purchased, as described in section 1.5 of that same document.  (

Relevant Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control capability is included when purchasing full support for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM.

Oracle University courses often demonstrate the use of advanced functionality of the Enterprise Manager.  For example, in many of the Database related courses, the Diagnostics Pack and Tuning Pack are featured.

These Packs are licensed against the product being monitored or managed, such as the database.  When licensed, interaction with the Pack can occur using OEM Command Line Interface, stand-alone control such as the Database Control as well as Cloud or Grid Control.

When planning for a Cloud Control installation, configuration and use do represent a cost, however the license of base Cloud Control is included in your support contract.

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Hans Forbrich is owner and lead consultant of Forbrich Consulting Ltd., an Oracle Partner as well as Oracle University partner, based in Alberta, Canada.  Since 2003, his company specializes in training developers and operations personnel, and ensuring optimized use and licensing for Oracle core tech. 

He has developed-in, used, administered, architected, sold, and taught Oracle core tech products, including all 6 Oracle RDBMS engines (Server, MySQL, TimesTen, InnoDB, RDB and Berkeley), Oracle’s Fusion Middleware (WebLogic Server and deployed applications such as BI, SOA Suite, ADF, Identity Management, etc.) and related Java since first running across Oracle in 1984.

Hans is an Oracle ACE Director who is frequently found on Oracle Forums, Oracle-L list, at conferences around the world – UKOUG, Collaborate, Open World – and on OTN Tours, most recently in Latin America and India. 

In his spare time, Hans sings bass notes with the Edmonton Opera.

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