Uncovering the Most Popular Metrics for SAP HANA Workloads in New Relic

by bluemedora_editor on December 29, 2016

Optimizing your databases serves as an essential piece of the application performance puzzle. As part of this, digging deep into key metrics through customized dashboards and reports can reduce the amount of time it takes to uncover an issue and even, eliminate the alert storms that make your team feel like they are constantly in firefighting mode.

With SAP HANA, the newest New Relic plugin release from Blue Medora, you can gain this visibility within SAP HANA workloads and resources. As part of the True Visibility Suite for New Relic from Blue Medora — which includes more than 25 plugins — gain true visibility across the entire IT stack.

The SAP HANA Plugin for New Relic includes a seamless integration with both New Relic Alerts and New Relic Insights, which extends monitoring beyond the traditional reporting and metric functionality within the New Relic application. In fact, the Blue Medora plugin offers access to more than 290 metrics. In this blog post, we’re highlighting the most popular metrics incorporated within the plugin.

System-Level Metrics

For an overall view of health for your SAP HANA resources and workloads, system-level metrics are available for an at-a-glance understanding of how key elements of your database servers are performing.

For instance, gaining access to utilization metrics can help you dig deeper into performance issues. Seeing peaks in your core utilization can indicate that the databases supporting your applications may be running queries that are draining your CPU. With the ability to dive deeper with New Relic Insights, identify which queries to remedy the problem before it tanks performance across the board.  

Host Metrics

A multi-host system offers a number of benefits, but without insight into which hosts are underperforming or experiencing issues, it can drastically impact the end user’s experience for your application.

Dive deeper into key metrics and understand performance by host, so when things look out of line, you can click through and track why a host experienced a jump in CPU utilization compared to your other hosts. The out-of-the-box dashboard within the Blue Medora SAP HANA Plugin also offers insight into physical memory utilization and database memory utilization.

Beyond that, use New Relic Insights to pull the host metrics that give you the best insight into your system in a format you can use — either as a customized dashboard or report, data app or even through NRQL queries to create key correlations.

Read/Write Metrics

Access more metrics about your read/writes right within the New Relic application with the Blue Medora SAP HANA plugin. Track volume and size based on time increments, so you can clearly understand performance and drill down quickly when issues do arise.

Break down the data based on the different volumes within your SAP HANA resources. In case of a performance issue, you can see which script on what volume may be performing poorly so you can quickly troubleshoot when issues arise.

In addition, leverage New Relic Alerts to get notified if read or write size goes above a system-based or a customized threshold so you can immediately dig deep into what may be causing issues before your users experience performance problems.

To learn more about the SAP HANA Plugin for New Relic from Blue Medora, view our data sheet, overview presentation or get a free trial.

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