Using VMware vRealize Operations for Comprehensive Monitoring of Nimble Storage

by bluemedora_editor on March 29, 2016

In the world of big data, comprehensive monitoring of increasingly large systems has grown more and more complex. A new, simple monitoring solution will be available on April 7: Blue Medora’s VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Nimble Storage, giving administrators the ability to easily and efficiently monitor their Nimble Storage environments with insight into Nimble Storage components like arrays, pools, volumes, and more.

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Figure 1 – The Nimble Overview dashboard from the Management Pack for Nimble Storage


The Management Pack for Nimble Storage monitors resources using the Nimble REST API and SNMPv2c. Configuration is effortless, only requiring a Nimble Storage user name, password, and the hostname or IP address of the Group. The Management Pack has seven out-of-the-box dashboards giving at-a-glance insight into Nimble Storage health and performance. These dashboards give administrators the ability to quickly identify problems in their systems and dig deeper into related metrics to find the root of the issue.

The native monitoring capabilities of the vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) platform enable thorough monitoring for Nimble Storage environments. Relationship mapping is one such capability of vROps; it creates visual representations of relationships through a Nimble Storage system. Nimble Storage resources like arrays, pool and volumes are connected to their corresponding interior resources as well as virtual layer components, allowing administrators to see which parts of their system are dependent upon others.


Figure 2 – An environment overview selector, one of the ways to view relationships in vROps


Alerting is another key feature of vRealize Operations. The new Management Pack will integrate about 75 alerts directly from the Nimble Storage system. These alerts can warn the administrator that space is critically low on a resource like a volume or an array, that management tasks such as assigning or unassigning arrays to pools have failed, and a variety of other scenarios. When this Management Pack is released, administrators will be able to recognize problems in their system as soon as they occur, and can help prevent simple issues from developing into major ones.

Figure3-border copy1

Figure 3 – Alerts from the Nimble Health Investigation dashboard


The predictive analytics of vROps round out a comprehensive monitoring solution. The vROps engine analyzes the rate of use of arrays, pools, and volumes and anticipates when those resources will be full. This information is displayed in a capacity badge, which tells the administrator how much capacity is being used and vROps predicts how many days before the resource will be full. With this new monitoring tool, administrators will finally have time to prepare more resources, preventing the ad-hoc re-allocation of resources or sudden and unplanned costs to upgrade systems.

To learn more about vRealize Operations, visit the product page on VMware’s website. To learn more about the Management Pack for Nimble Storage, contact Blue Medora or visit their website.


This blog post was originally posted on Nimble Connect. Read the full post here.

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