AWS Transition: Monitor AWS in Google Cloud with BindPlane

Google Cloud Monitoring’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) monitoring features are being replaced with BindPlane from Blue Medora.

Blue Medora and Google have collaborated to create a transition guide to easily setup monitoring for AWS services using Google Operations.

Benefits of moving to a BindPlane based monitoring solution include the addition of AWS hosted services that weren’t monitored with Google’s Built-in AWS monitoring.

Additionally, BindPlane provides monitoring for over 150+ different technologies into google cloud monitoring and logging. These enable Google Cloud Operations to be your single pane of glass into your hybrid cloud deployments. The full listing of these Sources is available within our documentation.


Commonly Asked Questions


How do I sign-up for BindPlane?

Signing up for BindPlane is easy.  Register here.


What is the cost of using BindPlane?

There are no additional P.O.’s or Bills that you will get from Blue Medora. 

BindPlane is integrated with your Google monitoring consumption as a revenue-share. 

Need support on the AWS Transition or have additional questions?

Blue Medora is happy to help.

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BindPlane Features

Integration made easy

Stream log data from all your technology sources into Google Cloud without the hassle of configuring and managing open source solutions or expensive third-party SIEM technologies.

See all sources

Get a visual view of your entire log agent deployment. With Bindplane, no need for spreadsheets or manual upkeep of your deployed agents. All your running multi-cloud and on-prem log agents are displayed in one unified view for simple maintenance and updates.

Customizable Log Parsing and Formatting

Insert tags into a log record so log specific information can be sent along to Google Cloud Logging with context. Search for logs in Google Cloud Logging using the same group name or filter so only the log lines you need are processed.

24/7 Support & Collaboration

The Blue Medora team is here to help. Our support is available to get your sources streaming logs into your Google Cloud account. Don't see a particular source currently supported? Reach out and we will work to open up the integration you need!

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