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by Brian Williams on April 12, 2018

Reclaim storage LUNs and save money. Often times IT invests too much time and money provisioning new platforms, sculpting and tuning LUNs and heterogeneous storage (storage from different vendors) disk volumes. IT might have taken a “thick provisioning” or a “thin provisioning” model when deploying storage. Whatever the model might be, often times IT might forget about the LUNs that are configured, unused, or have no visibility into who is using them in the organization as bookkeeping is an afterthought.

When the organization grows or evolves it becomes messy to keep track of these LUNs and IT could end up spending more money in the future when additional storage is necessitated. Reclaiming unused LUNs when IT deletes or migrates the VMs or consolidates a snapshot is important to save money. It is more so common in hybrid cloud deployments to experience the situations described above.

Thankfully, IT can solve storage LUN reclamation issues by using vRealize® Operations Manager with Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite custom dashboards for storage LUN reclamation. Gain visibility into back-end configuration that creates LUNs on your storage array to reclaim LUNs. Find LUNs that do not have a related data store. Deliver greater storage efficiency and functionality from your existing storage arrays.

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BindPlane for VMware vRealize Operations

True Visibility allows cloud management teams to use VMware vRealize’s powerful machine learning and capacity planning engine across their entire hybrid cloud environment.

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Make Azure Monitor your first-pane-of-glass across your entire multi-cloud, multi-database or hybrid platform environment.

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