Managing VMware vSphere running on NetApp with Blue Medora's vCOps MP for NetApp Storage

by bluemedora_editor on September 16, 2014

This past week Blue Medora released a major update to the product VMware had previously called the VMware vCenter Operations Manager Adapter for NetApp. In this blog post, we’ll cover how you can leverage manage VMware vSphere on NetApp to optimize performance.With this release we’ve taken that legacy Adapter for NetApp that VMware transferred to Blue Medora and turned it into a full-blown VMware vCOps Management Pack — and have renamed it the Blue Medora VMware vCOps Management Pack for NetApp Storage.

The Management Pack for NetApp Storage represents the fourth VMware Adapter that has been successfully transferred from VMware to Blue Medora in the past 9 months as part of the close partnership VMware and Blue Medora formed in late 2013 focused on developing and expanding the ecosystem layer around VMware’s Cloud Management portfolio (until recently called VMware vCloud Suite, and since renamed VMware vRealize Suite). The other three VMware vCOps Adapters transferred to Blue Medora and since updated and re-released as full vCOps Management Packs are:


On the Management Pack for NetApp Storage we worked extensively with both NetApp and VMware to expand and enhance the capabilities of the solution. The Management Pack for NetApp Storage was designed from the ground-up to provide both VMware and storage administrators full visibility in the NetApp storage infrastructure components directly from within VMware vCOps.

Nearly every aspect of the product was rewritten, enhanced, and brought up to date for the latest versions of both VMware vCOps and NetApp OnCommand/DFM.  The core set functionality was also significantly expanded with a wide array of new feature. A few of the highlights contained within this release include:

  • Support for NetApp Cluster Data ONTAP (CDOT) based storage systems
  • 10 NetApp-focused out-of-the-box dashboards
  • 4 new distinct ‘VMware on NetApp’ vCOps entity types
  • Synthetic metric rollups
  • Addition of a new vCOps Resource Kind for NetApp ‘Disks’
  • Expanded collection of NetApp-focused metrics (metric count increased from 330 to 780)
  • NetApp to VMware relationship mapping enabled out-of-the-box
  • Support for latest versions of NetApp DFM (including 5.2.x)
  • Support for vCOps 5.8.x including 5.8.3

Beyond VMware vCOps 5.8.x we’ve also extensively tested the product the latest beta releases of vCOps v6.0 and we are happy to report that the Management Pack will work just fine with v6.0 when it is released.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be diving into each of the new feature areas via a series of additional blog posts where we’ll show how VMware vCOps, in combination with the Management Pack for NetApp Storage, is able to stitch the VMware vSphere, NetApp storsage, and even application / DB layers together into a cohesive and integrated view of your environment providing VMware vCOps admins an unprecedented ability to troubleshoot, diagnosis, and size the entire stack.

In the meantime, I encourage you to download the trial and check it out for yourself.

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