Life at Blue Medora: my first 30 days

by Jordan Amine on October 5, 2018

As a newbie at Blue Medora, free of any initial biases, I wanted to share my onboarding experience during the first 30 days working as a Solutions Architect, both from a company culture perspective and product perspective.

Whether it be as an athlete or employee, joining a team as a rookie/newbie brings with it a universal mix of feelings: eagerness, discomfort, intimidation, curiosity, excitement, acceptance, and pressure. During this period, a person is most prone to learning how he/she will fit within a team or company. Their opinion is shaped as to what a team/company stands for, either making for a negative experience or welcoming one. Making the decision to take a new job in a whole new city, and in my case a whole new department/focus, is stressful. My initial thoughts and concerns were the typical “what would happen if it didn’t work out”, experiencing a sort of “nervous yet exciting at the same time” type feeling.

Thankfully, here at Blue Medora my onboarding experience has been nothing short of welcoming. I immediately noticed the culture here and how everyone is very open and available to help out in any way, making you feel comfortable. Everyone carries an energy to succeed and to push to do better. For someone whose mantra is “you are who you surround yourself with”, it is exactly where you want to be. People seemed to be on the same page of how the company operates and held pride in that, which is important in the success of a team/company, the idea of “trusting the process”.

Coming into Blue Medora I was well aware of the concept of IT system monitoring, how monitoring tools worked and why they were used. Although I did not have personal experience with VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) on a hands-on level, I was familiar with what it could accomplish out-of-the-box. When diving into my first Blue Medora dashboard and experiencing firsthand what we brought to the table for vROps, I was extremely impressed. This made me very eager to learn more about the monitoring capabilities Blue Medora unlocks within a vROps environment. Seeing how customers are using our product to do things like help mitigate their unplanned downtime, or to experience a true root-cause analysis solution, left me equally impressed.

Life at Blue Medora: my first 30 days

As a rookie at VMWorld this year, being able to share my excitement for what Blue Medora brought to the table with new customers, and being immersed in some of the hottest tech on the market, was nothing short of awesome. Seeing how much opportunity there was while at VMWorld and interacting with a variety of awesome people has left me motivated to continue to expose the value of our full-stack monitoring solutions.

With a month at Blue Medora under my belt, and a lot of learning still ahead, I am looking forward to connecting with our awesome customers and partners. Thanks to everyone who has made my first 30 days awesome/welcoming!

Editor’s note: Jordan Amine joined Blue Medora in August, 2018 and is based in Grand Rapids Michigan. The value that resonates most with him is Resilience.

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