Keep Calm the Waters of Your Dell EMC Isilon Data Lake with Blue Medora

by Tim George on January 22, 2019

One of the most popular scale-out systems for unstructured data we’ve seen customers adopt is Dell EMC Isilon–not surprising considering Dell EMC’s prominence as a proven solution for large-scale production deployments. With Isilon, Dell EMC promises a more simple, agile and cost effective option for data lake infrastructure and management.

But with great power and agility comes the need to act quickly, or take a more proactive role in monitoring and troubleshooting. Staying on top of situations as they come up becomes the key to maintaining that power and agility.

Enter Blue Medora’s management pack for Dell EMC Isilon and VMware vRealize Operations (vROps). As a VMware customer, if you aren’t utilizing vRealize Operations for capacity planning, workload management and monitoring the performance of your virtual layer, you are missing out. At Blue Medora, our sole focus is to improve upon the already powerful usage of various platforms within the IT world. We like to think of ourselves as the turbocharger in a Ferrari. We live integration, and our management pack for Dell EMC Isilon—in addition to our 150+ other monitoring integrations—provide true visibility to your entire application and infrastructure stack.

Comprehensive dashboards help to determine performance and capacity to help you understand what is changing in your environment, and if any one of over 200 metrics need your attention.

Keep Calm the Waters of Your Dell EMC Isilon Data Lake with Blue Medora

Throughput heatmaps alert you to when you are spiking in utilization or experiencing bottlenecks that can impact end user experience. Powered by Blue Medora’s relational data, vROps quickly learns what is normal behavior and provides predictive health recommendations and smart alerting.

Keep Calm the Waters of Your Dell EMC Isilon Data Lake with Blue Medora

Blue Medora delivers over 250 detailed alerts and notifications for events like SmartPool Over Capacity and Node IFS Filesystem Damage Detected, along with vRealize Calculated IFS, SSD, Memory, and Disk Capacities to predict when your Isilon storage system needs scaling, and VMware Datastore to Isilon NFS relationships to visualize the underlying Isilon storage infrastructure as it relates to your virtualized datastores.

Keep Calm the Waters of Your Dell EMC Isilon Data Lake with Blue Medora

Deploying the management pack is quick and easy—you can request a trial here. To get started, you will need to create a monitoring user within vRealize Operations Manager. Watch this 4 minute video to see how. We’re confident that once you try Blue Medora, you’ll see the big picture, and the small details to give you back more time in your day. What will you do with all that downtime, when you’ve improved your uptime?

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