ITM for Virtual Environments Agent for Citrix XenApp – Importing Logical Navigator

by bluemedora_editor on December 21, 2011

The new IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments Agent for Citrix XenApp includes a optional TEP-based logical navigator that can installed to provide greater visibility of metrics across multiple XenApp servers.

As seen below, the default Navigator View (Physical) represents the physical hierarchy of the managed systems being monitored in the ITM environment.  Since the new Citrix XenApp agent is installed locally on a per XenApp Server basis, monitoring many XenApp servers can provide some challenges:

Importing the new optional Logical Navigator views allow managed system data to be displayed and aggregated  together in other, more business-relevant ways.

Importing the logical navigator

  • Assure the TEPS user has Custom Navigator Views ‘Modify’ permissions (Administer Users->Permissions Tab->Tivoli Enterprise Portal Authorities->Custom Navigator Views->Modify)
  • Login with tacmd
C:\Users\Administrator>tacmd login -s localhost -u sysadmin -p password
 Validating user...
 KUIC00007I: User sysadmin logged into server on https://localhost:3661.
  • Navigate to the Logical_Navigator directory (in the root of the agent installation media)
  • Install the logical navigator:
 \Logical_Navigator>tacmd importnavigator -x kxa_logicalnav.xml -s localhost
 -u sysadmin -p password
 KUICIN001I Validating user credentials...
 KUICIN003I Reading XML and converting to custom navigator view...
 KUICIN012I The custom navigator view "XenApp_Details" already exists on the
 server. Do you want to delete the existing child nodes for the custom navigator view, and import the custom
 navigator view "XenApp_Details" to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server on http://localhost:1920? Existing user assignments
 for the custom navigator view will be maintained.
 Enter Y for yes or N for no: Y
 KUICIN013I Deleting child nodes for navigator "XenApp_Details"...
 KUICIN004I Writing custom navigator view to the server...
 KUICIN005I Writing queries to the server...
 KUICIN021I The queries for the custom navigator view were successfully imported.
 KUICIN006I Writing workspaces to the server...
 KUICIN022I The workspaces for the custom navigator view were successfully imported.
 KUICIN020I The custom navigator view "XenApp_Details" was successfully
 imported from the file T:\agents\kxaagent\kxaagent_710\ga_refresh
 \ITMfVE_XenApp_Application_Support\Logical_Navigator\kxa_logicalnav.xml to
 the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server on http://localhost:1920. The navigator
 view import operation did not assign the imported navigator view to any
 users. If the navigator view already existed, the existing user assignments
 were preserved. The tacmd editUser command or the Administer Users dialog can
 be used to assign the navigator view to a user.
  • Modify the permissions of the TEPS user:
tacmd edituser -u sysadmin -w password -i sysadmin -p NavigatorViews=physical,logical,XenApp_Details


After running these commands, refresh the TEPD or TEPW to view XenApp details in the logical navigator window.


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