ITM Agents Trace Log Error Codes

by bluemedora_editor on May 15, 2009

A number of new ITM / ITCAM agents share a common set of core logging functionality (among other things). A partial listing of these agents includes:

  • ITCAM for PeopleSoft Agent(s)
  • ITCAM for Siebel
  • Vmware VI
  • ITM for MSApps Agents
  • ITCAM for Apps: Domino (v6.2.2 only)
  • Most of IBM’s new Energy management agents
  • Any agents on OPAL that indicate they are ‘Agent Builder’ based agents

When you are experiencing errors with those agents, the trace logs are useful in diagnosing the nature of the issue.

Trace logs be found at the following locations:

On Windows

%CANDLE_HOME%\TMAITM6\logs\<hostname>_<pc>_k<pc>agent_<timestamp>-01.logOn Linux / Unix

%CANDLE_HOME%/logs/<hostname>_<pc>_k<pc>agent_<timestamp>-01.logYou can find more information about identifying the correct logs for the particular agent you are troubleshooting and where to enable trace logging here.

For these agents, the following table indicates the various tracing settings you can selectively enable for a particular agent to drill down into specific areas of the agent that are giving you trouble:

Intensive error tracing ERROR (UNIT:thread ALL) All Platforms
Maximum error tracing ERROR (COMP:kqz ALL) (UNIT:kra ALL) All Platforms
Agent interaction with TEMS ERROR (UNIT:genericagent ALL) (UNIT:kra ALL) All Platforms
General Startup Initialization ERROR (UNIT:query ALL)

ERROR (UNIT:ct_main ALL)


Unix / Linux

Availability Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:Availability ALL)

ERROR (UNIT:UnixAvailability ALL)

ERROR (UNIT:winavailability ALL)

All Platforms

Unix / Linux


Perfmon Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:QueryClass ALL) Windows
WMI Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:WMI ALL) Windows
SNMP Data Provider ERROR (UNITSNMP ALL) All Platforms
Windows Event Log Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:EventLog ALL) (UNIT:WinLog ALL) Windows
Script Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:shell ALL) (UNIT:commandwithtimeout ALL) All Platforms
Log Data Provider ERROR (UNIT:LogMonitor ALL) All Platforms
Subnodes ERROR (UNIT:subnode ALL) All Platforms
CIM ERROR (UNIT:cim ALL) All Platforms
Asynchronous collection ERROR (UNIT:thread ALL) All Platforms



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