ITCAM for Apps 6.2.2 PeopleSoft Deep Dive Series

by bluemedora_editor on May 1, 2009

Yesterday (4/30/09) IBM released v6.2.2 of ITCAM for Applications. This is an exciting time here at Blue Medora because the PeopleSoft agents are based on the original Blue Medora Peoplesoft Management Pack for ITM. With this release the PeopleSoft agents are available exclusively from IBM as part of ITCAM for Applications and will no longer be available directly from Blue Medora.

A lot has changed since the last release — we’ve worked with IBM to add support for new OS platforms including: RHEL5 (Intel), SLES10 (Intel), Solaris 9 & 10 (Sparc 64), and HP-UXi. The agents have been globalized. domain tech info . Finally, the installer has been changed to the standard IBM installer that other ITM agents are installed with.

Partnering with IBM on these agents has been a great expierence for us – and I’m going on record to say I can’t imagine a better partner than IBM. We are a small feisty startup and they are a global IT superpower (so to speak) and you wouldn’t ever know it based on our day-to-day interactions with the IBM team we collaborate with on these agents.

In the coming weeks and months will be posting a new blog series focused on installation, configuration, operations, and management of the new ITCAM PeopleSoft agents. We’ll update this post with the the links for the new posts as they are published:

Loading the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.2: PeopleSoft database components into PeopleSoft

Installing ITM Server Application support for the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.2 PeopleSoft Windows Agent(s)

Installing ITM Server Application support for the ITCAM for Apps 6.2.2 PeopleSoft Linux / Unix Agent(s)

We hope that you’ve found the previous postings useful and that you’ll be able to find value in the new ones you’ll see posted here in the future.

Thank you,

–The Blue Medora Team

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