ITCAM for Applications: Siebel CRM Agent Component Logs

by bluemedora_editor on October 30, 2010

While supporting the ITCAM for Applications: Siebel CRM Agent, we often hear the question, “Why are the component logs for component X not listed in my TEPD?” The Siebel Agent only monitors a number of common “key” components, in order to avoid a cluttered TEP as well as maximizing performance. You can find a list of the Siebel components monitored by default below:

  1. SCCObjMgr
  2. SMObjMgr
  3. SSEObjMgr
  4. CommInboundRcvr
  5. CommOutboundMgr
  6. CommSessionMgr
  7. WorkMon
  8. WfProcBatchMgr
  9. WfProcMgr
  10. SiebSrvr

Optional Component Logs

New to the v6.2.4 Siebel CRM Agent, you can choose up to 10 optional Siebel component logs to monitor. Choosing to monitor optional logs is easily done in the agent configuration.


Multilingual Component Logs

Dealing with multilingual component logs offers a few more options. Multilingual logs can be identified by the language code appended to the end of the Component Alias. When configuring the Siebel CRM Agent to monitor these type of logs, you can enter the Component Alias with or without the language code. Entering the Component Alias without the language code will allow the agent to monitor that specific component in all languages for which it applies. For example, if you are working in a Siebel environment that contains both English and French versions of the eService Object Manager then you have the following configuration options:

Configuration Entered Component Log Monitored
eServiceObjMgr_enu English Only
eServiceObjMgr_fra French Only
eServiceObjMgr Both English and French

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