Introducing the True Visibility Subscription for vRealize Operations

by Chuck Petrie on December 13, 2018

Providing choice and flexibility in the ways a business transacts with its customers is a table-stakes expectation. Increasingly, that translates to delivering products as services with limited upfront costs, lower adoption risk and future flexibility. In addition to the benefits of an Opex model, more and more companies are also choosing to “unbundle” products from rigid or arbitrary configurations that don’t align well to business initiatives.

One of our core values as a company is being customer-focused. Today, Blue Medora is excited to announce True Visibility Subscription. True Visibility Subscription allows customers the flexibility to select from a variety of Blue Medora Management Packs to integrate into vRealize Operations with a simple annual subscription.

How it works
Customers choose from 3 different options (outlined in figure 1) at a monthly rate.

Figure 1 – True Visibility Subscription Model

What is included
All Management Packs within the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite are included in this offer. For further detail of these offerings refer to figure 2.

Figure 2 – True Visibility Suite Offering

How it’s licensed
In order to simplify licensing requirements and reduce cost, the True Visibility Subscription license mirrors the CPU or OSI licensing counts of the customer’s vRealize Operations environment.

How do I find my vRealize license count
To find the license counts within a vRealize Operation environment we need to log into vROps and select the Administration Tab at the top of the screen (see red highlighted box in figure 3).

Figure 3 – vRealize Operations Opening Page

Under the Administration Tab we will need to expand the Management Tab on the left, and select Licensing (shown in Figure 4). Once the Licensing Tab is selected we can see Licensing Usage.

Figure 4 – vRealize Operations Administration Tab

For details around pricing of True Visibility Subscription please visit the pricing page, or to request a demo of the products click on the Blue Medora demo link.

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