Introducing New Relic Plugins for PostgreSQL, MS SQL

by bluemedora_editor on November 8, 2016

Blue Medora is excited to announce the two newest New Relic plugins: Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. These plugins are part of the True Visibility Suite for New Relic which features 25 plugins designed to give you visibility across the entire IT stack.

Microsoft SQL Server for New Relic

Figure 1:
See Microsoft SQL Server queries and drill down to understand key performance metrics, including execution count, execution time and average execution time

With Blue Medora’s Microsoft SQL Server Plugin for New Relic, gain essential insight into how your databases are performing. The plugin supports New Relic plugins, alerts and Insights — seamlessly integrating the data from your Microsoft SQL Server workloads for optimal visibility into performance.

Figure 2:
With a seamless integration into New Relic Insights, access your data in intuitive graphs and dashboards

The plugin gives you access to more metrics than ever before in New Relic Insights. As a result, you can view key performance metrics — like average execution time, physical memory and transactions — in out-of-the-box dashboards to pinpoint issues and improve performance.

Figure 3:
Out-of-the-box dashboards give you insight into key data points to pinpoint issues faster

In addition, the plugin ties in with New Relic Alerts — giving you access to system-configured thresholds, and the ability to define your own, for immediate and automatic alerts when issues arise. As a result, you can reduce troubleshooting time and improve the overall performance of your Microsoft SQL Server workloads.


For more information about Microsoft SQL Server, check out our data sheet, overview presentation, on-demand webinar or get a free trial.

PostgreSQL for New Relic

Figure 4:
Extend monitoring with more dashboards, like the PostgreSQL System Overview

The Blue Medora PostgreSQL Plugin for New Relic allows you to accelerate your performance monitoring with access to more dashboards and reports. As a result, you can dig deeper into key metrics, like database sessions, query execution time and scans.

Figure 5:
See more PostgreSQL metrics in easy-to-read dashboards

Like all plugins in Blue Medora’s True Visibility Suite for New Relic, the PostgreSQL Plugin integrates with New Relic Alerts and Insights. Gain access to more metrics than ever before and view them in customizable dashboards and reports to dive deep into your data.

Figure 6:
Integrate with New Relic Insights to create your own dashboards to view your data

Using NRQL queries, you can create custom data apps to get key information in a format that you can use.

For more information about PostgreSQL, check out our data sheet, overview presentation, on-demand webinar or get a free trial.

How to Install Blue Medora New Relic Plugins

Using the NPI installer, you can install and start using the Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL plugins in under 20 minutes. Both plugins integrate natively with all New Relic Plugin features, including out-of-the-box dashboards. As a result, you can gain essential insight into the root cause of any performance issues.

The plugins for Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL are two of Blue Medora’s new 25 plugins available inside New Relic’s Plugin Central. To start your free trial, check out Plugin Central or visit us at

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