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Comprehensive Logs Monitoring for Your Puppet Tool

Use BindPlane to integrate Puppet into Google Stackdriver and bring full stack visibility to your IT architecture with Stackdriver logging. Monitor and analyze the health and performance of Puppet with logs, such as, create and remove slice user, applied catalog time and renewal duration.

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Google Stackdriver

Monitor Puppet Logs in Google Stackdriver, Puppet, Easy to Start, Icon, multicloud, Google, Stackdriver, logging, logs
Easy to start

Start collecting data on your first source within minutes.

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Monitor Puppet Logs in Google Stackdriver, Puppet, Easy to maintain, test drive, Google, Stackdriver, logging, logs
Easy to maintain

Reduce script and plugin administration and improve team productivity. The agentless smart collector integrates more than 50+ operational data sources into a single, self-maintaining connection.

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Monitor Puppet Logs in Google Stackdriver, Puppet, Better results, laptop, Google, Stackdriver, logging, logs
Better results

BindPlane eliminates the quality and complications associated with traditional data collection methods.

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Key Features of Puppet log integrations for Stackdriver

Single Point Of Administration
BindPlane provides a centralized and streamlined web UI, offering the value of having an easily manageable environment. The BindPlane UI acts as a single point of administration giving users the ability to view and manage all endpoint log collection, allowing for less time to be spent configuring JSON files.
Mass Configuration and Deployments with Templates
BindPlane logs Source configuration and Templates can be utilized to make large-scale deployments of an agent and its configuration simple. Any Source configuration change can be pushed down to your entire datacenter in a few quick steps.
JSON Log Parsing for Google Stackdriver
BindPlane’s log agents take advantage of Stackdriver’s JSON parsing and automatically breaks down and sorts data from your source technologies within Stackdriver into a JSON payload. This payload gives a more contextualized look into each log entry such as log-type, the severity level and other insights depending on each event, helping users easily sort, read and interpret their logs for better understanding and quick analysis of their data.

50+ operation logs data sources in a single, self-maintaining connection, including:

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