Implementing the OEM Plug-in for VMware vSphere (Beta) Part 1 – Importing the Plug-in

by bluemedora_editor on July 24, 2012

This post is the 1st in a detailed series of articles that provide a visual (screenshot based) guide for implementing the new Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for VMware vSphere environments — currently available as a Beta Evaluation from Blue Medora. The information posted here is intended to supplement, not replace, the online User Guide available on the Blue Medora product page. This specific post will cover the process of Importing the VMware vSphere Plug-in into the EM12c Software Library. For simplicity sakes, the demo environment these screen captures were captured from is an “All-on-One” EM12c OEL5 64-bit Server that contains both the OMS and OMA.

  1. Download the VMware vSphere Beta Plug-in from the Blue Medora website using the download instructions provided when you signed up for the Beta.
  2. Move (or make available) the downloaded zip onto the target OMS.
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip. In this example the zip is called
    • unzip
  4. Next you will need to import the VMware vSphere OPAR file from unzipped media into the Software Library of your OMS. Assuming the emcli utility has been properly configured (Rob Zoeteweij has an excellent blog post on how to setup emcli here), the import command will look something like this (in our example the contents of the downloaded media has been unzipped into /tmp):
    • emcli import_update -file="/tmp/bm.vmware.vsph_1.0.10.opar" -omslocal
    • Assuming the import was successful, you you will see the following output:
      • Processing update: Plug-in - VMware vSphere plugin monitoring and management for VMware vSphere managed ESX servers, VMs, Storage, and Networks. Operation completed successfully. Update has been uploaded to Enterprise Manager. Please use the Self Update Home to manage this update.
  5. Log into the EM12c Web UI and navigate to Setup (Top Right of the screen) -> Extensibility ->Self Update.Click the Plug-in Folder and confirm that the VMware vSphere Plug-in has been successfully downloaded to the Software Repository:


Confirming the VMWare vSphere Plug-in was uploaded to EM12c Software Library.


6.  From here on out, the steps required to actually Deploy the VMware vSphere Plug-in onto the Management Servers (OMS) and Management Agents (OMA) is the same as with any other Oracle Plug-in. Part 2 of this Blog series will walk through an example scenario of deploying the VMware vSphere Plug-in to both the OMS and OMA on our “All-in-One” EM12c server.

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