How to use out-of-the-box dashboards in the vC Ops Management Pack for OEM

by bluemedora_editor on June 5, 2014

The Blue Medora vC Ops Management Pack for Oracle OEM was updated in early May to include enhanced support for Oracle workloads. All of the Oracle EM target types are now available to be ingested into VMware vC Ops Enterprise Edition and come with powerful out-of-the-box dashboards to provide immediate value. Today we will take a look at a few of those Oracle specific dashboards.

If you are unfamiliar with the Management Pack for Oracle OEM, it provides unified management of Oracle Workloads Running on VMware through a tool that both Oracle admins and VMware admins can jointly use to understand the relationship, availability, performance, as well as bottlenecks within your converged Oracle and VMware environment. This enables intelligent operations and the ability to proactively avoid performance issues and gain deep insights into the health, risk, and efficiency of Oracle running on VMware. On top of it all, you gain vCenter Operations native capacity planning and predictive analytics to forecast critical Oracle related outages well before they occur. For more information, check out our overview blog post and video on the the Management Pack for Oracle OEM.

The first dashboard, the Oracle EM Management Environment Dashboard is your high level view of your entire Oracle environment from vC Ops. This dashboard includes a handful of widgets designed to promote availability and key metrics to the surface or quick analysis of your environment.

Focusing on the Oracle Relationships view, this key widget is used as your launching off point for diagnosing issues within the environment, understanding the relationship between the Oracle layer and the VMware layers, and highlighting where issues may be occurring. It is the most intuitive way to perform root cause analysis to date.

The second dashboard, which is part of the WebLogic on Details View — helps you visualize your WebLogic environment running on VMware all the way down to the VMware VM, ESX, and even Datastore level. This can useful for diagnosing critical J2EE applications running within the vSphere environment — allowing you to quickly discern whether a problem exists in the Oracle WebLogic layer or one of the VMware virtualization layers. For more information, check out our blog post on monitoring WebLogic within vC Ops.

The third dashboard is for the DBAs. In the Oracle Database Overview Dashboard, you can look at the Top Oracle Databases by ‘Wait Bottlenecks by Active Sessions using I/O’ Widget and drill down to view more information about a specific database — in this case OEM12c. From here you can browse any of the hundreds of Oracle database related metrics, graph them, plot multiple related metrics, and jump to related objects allowing you to understand what is going on at a micro level. This dashboard is used to look across the entire Oracle Database landscape monitored by Enterprise Manager and provide a series of Top 25 lists for critical Database key performance indicators. This includes Transactions per second, Average Instance CPU, Database Hit Ratios, and several key Wait Bottlenecks to name a few.

Finally, we have the Siebel Overview Dashboard. This view provides a quick look at your critical Siebel elements including the Siebel gateway, servers, components, enterprise and the datastore. You may filter to find the troublesome systems, and inspect the entire vertical stack in one view.

Double clicking on any item will take you directly to that resource’s details dashboard. At this level you can analyze any recorded metric along with vC Ops generated metrics for the resource historically and in real time.

The data available within these new vC Ops ‘Resource Kinds’, provides the ability to create Oracle on VMware relationship views, mashup dashboards, as well as leverage vC Ops anomaly detection and predictive analytics on your Oracle landscape. Below are a number of example dashboards that were easily created using the Oracle data available within the Management Pack for Oracle OEM.

We have focused on a few key dashboards of the Management Pack for Oracle OEM, but there are many more out-of-the-box dashboards.  To get hands on and learn more about these dashboards, download a trial from Blue Medora today or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates and customer success stories.

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