How to Disable Inactivity Log Out in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

by bluemedora_editor on January 17, 2014

When using Enterprise Manager, spending most of your time in the Cloud Control user interface is common.  One security feature is the inactivity log out.  By default, Cloud Control will automatically log out the inactive user.  After being automatically logged out, the next step is clicking the “ok” button and accepting your logout punishment and then logging back into Cloud Control.  I find this personally annoying and I’m losing productivity time (when added over period of log outs).

Setting a timeout vale to a negative number easily disables the feature.  Use the following steps to configure your Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Interface to keep you logged in:

1.     Login to a local account with CLI access, typically the “Oracle” account on Linux.

2.     Locate the Enterprise Manager EMCTL path.

3.     Optionally set your OMS_HOME. Example: $export OMS_HOME=/apps/oracle/em12cr2/oms

4.     Change to the bin directory. Example: $cd $OMS_HOME\bin

5.     To disable set the value to “-1”, or select any value in minutes that you desire.

6.     ./emctl set property -name oracle.sysman.eml.maxInactiveTime -value -1 -sysman_pwd password1 

7.     To enable the changes restart your OMS with “emctl stop oms”, and “emctl start oms”

This action works for all current version of Enterprise Manager 12c including and up to release 3.


This blog was written by Brian Williams.  He is a Support Engineer with Blue Medora with over 7 years of IT, Testing, and Software Support experience, with a focus on Enterprise Manager Extensibility.

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