How Blue Medora's 'Oracle on VMware' management tools aid vAdmins and DBAs

by bluemedora_editor on February 14, 2015

Running mission-critical Oracle workloads on VMware presents a unique set of challenges for VMware admins and Oracle DBAs. In particular, Oracle Database and Oracle RAC infrastructure are technologies that are extremely sensitive to being virtualized. Oracle has long been known for their complete lack of out-of-the-box technical integration with VMware, and Oracle’s solutions are painfully unaware of when they are virtualized.

There are myriad products on the market today that provide vAdmins deep visibility into VMware. There are also a multitude of management solutions, literally hundreds of them, that enable DBAs and other Oracle admins to manage their Oracle workloads.

Blue Medora has invested deeply over the past 3 years designing, developing, and bringing to market a portfolio of solutions that are uniquely focused on the intersection of Oracle on VMware. These include:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) Plugin for VMware Oracle DBA-centric monitoring and alerting of Oracle workloads running on VMware delivered via Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (EM12c)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM12c) Plugin for VMware Lifecycle Management Enables provisioning of Oracle workloads directly into VMware using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Extends Oracle EM12c’s Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) and Middleware-as-a-Service (MWaas) capabilities to VMware virtualization-based infrastructure
  • VMware vRealize Operations (vROps) Management Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager Extends VMware vRealize Operations (vROPs) health, availability, performance, and capacity monitoring as well as enables predictive analytics and anomaly detection for any target managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager. This includes Oracle Database, Oracle RAC, WebLogic J2EE, Oracle servers and storage, as well as Oracle Apps such as PeopleSoft, Siebel, JDE, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Oracle Fusion Apps.
  • VMware vSphere Plugin for Oracle Databases Extends the VMware vSphere Web Console by adding awareness and visibility into Oracle Database workloads running on VMware virtual machines
  • VMware vRealize Log Insight Pack for Oracle Databases With the Content Pack for Oracle Databases, you can apply powerful analytic-based technology to identify and solve database specific problems. The unstructured data collection capabilities of VMware vRealize Log Insight means reduced setup time and proactive management capabilities that adapt to your changing environment.

When running Oracle workloads on VMware, it’s an absolute requirement to have visibility into the health, availability, capacity, and performance characteristics that are unique to the intersection of Oracle running on VMware. Blue Medora continues to invest in developing products that provide both VMware vAdmins as well as Oracle DBAs (not to mention Oracle middleware and App admins) the tools they need to fully understand both parts of the ‘Oracle on VMware’ equation.

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