Google Operations is Here! But Where’s Stackdriver?

by Craig Lee on March 9, 2020

Last week, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) announced that it rebranded its Stackdriver monitoring and logging platform that Google acquired in 2014, to be part of its new Google Operations platform. This rebrand included renaming Google Stackdriver Monitoring to Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Stackdriver Logs to Google Cloud Logging. So what does this mean for Stackdriver customers?

While I for one am excited to see Google pulling all of its operations products together, I also want to be clear that other than a few new feature releases, these products are in fact still Stackdriver! We are looking at this rebrand as essentially being Google Stackdriver 2.0. It allows Google to say goodbye to the Stackdriver brand as it fully embraces its Google-Esque naming conventions to make it clear what Stackdriver delivers. The new Google Cloud Operations SKU enables Google to take the monitoring and logging functionality that Stackdriver customers know and love and promote it to the”Googleverse so that other GCP customers can also benefit. 

This changing direction can be seen in the recent merging of the Stackdriver Metrics UI into the Google Cloud Console. A change that will make for a more unified experience in the Google Ecosystem. 

Google Cloud Platform

Google Monitoring is now available in the same console as all the other services.

BindPlane Logs and metrics will continue to integrate with Google Cloud Logging and Google Cloud Monitoring to support the extension of Google Cloud’s monitoring capabilities to on-prem, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. This allows for GCP users to manage over 150+ of the most common non-GCP technology sources all within Google Cloud, enhancing the observability for users all within Google Cloud. One of the most exciting parts about this new release is that Google did add in a few feature updates that BindPlane customers have been asking for! Some of these features include:

  • Dashboard API to create and share dashboards across projects
  • Log storage for up to 10 years
  • Metrics retention for up to 24 months
  • Increased granularity of metric write-up to 10 seconds

As Google continues its momentum with Google Cloud Operations, one thing is for sure – whether we call it Stackdriver or Google Cloud Logging and Monitoring, BindPlane will continue to help GCP customers extend their visibility to on-prem and hybrid clouds to accurately troubleshoot, monitor and report, and real-time alert on their full-stack all within GCP!

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To learn more about BindPlane, visit Google’s documentation for Google Operations or view BindPlane on the Google Marketplace.

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