Gain More Visibility in New Relic with Compute and Network Plugins

by bluemedora_editor on November 22, 2016

Blue Medora announced today the release of five new compute and network plugins for new Relic — HP Blade Servers, HP Rack Servers, Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus and Citrix NetScaler — to give customers access to hundreds of more metrics for the compute and network layers of the IT stack so they can dive deeper into their performance data. These plugins are part of the True Visibility Suite for New Relic, which features 25 plugins designed to give you true visibility across the entire IT stack.

Dive Deeper into Compute

Gain access to hundreds of metrics with the addition of three new plugins for New Relic. With the HP Blade Servers, HP Rack Servers and Cisco UCS plugins, dive deeper into your data so you have a clear understanding of how changes impact different layers. Accelerate monitoring with access to key data points from CPU temperature, power consumed and fan status for HP Blade Servers and HP Rack Servers; to chassis power, blade total memory and IO module inbound/outbound throughput for Cisco UCS workloads.

Cisco UCS System Overview dashboard
Figure 1: The Cisco UCS System Overview dashboard highlights key metrics like fabric interconnect load, chassis power, blade total memory and blade available memory.

In addition, leverage New Relic Alerts for key recommendations about the performance of your compute workloads. Consolidate data from across the stack to eliminate mean-time-to-innocence (MTTI) hunts, increase availability and eliminate alert storms.

New Relic Data Explorer
Figure 2: Use the Data Explorer in New Relic Insights to dig deeper into key metrics.  

For more information about the new compute plugins from Blue Medora, check out:

HP Blade Servers

HP Rack Servers

Cisco UCS

Extend Monitoring for Networks

With two new plugins for networks — Cisco Nexus and Citrix NetScaler — gain essential insight into the performance of your networking environments so that you can quickly, and easily, troubleshoot problems when they arise. With a deeper understanding of how your switches, ports, appliances, virtual servers and load balancing services are performing, you can pinpoint issues before they impact other layers of the IT stack.

Cisco Nexus Switch Overview dashboard
Figure 3: The Cisco Nexus Switch Overview dashboard highlights key metrics like total throughput, total packets and port status.

The Blue Medora plugins extend visibility to hundreds of metrics — including insight into throughput, packets and ports for Cisco Nexus, and access to data related to throughput, memory load and request/response data rate for Citrix NetScaler.

In addition, all Blue Medora plugins are seamlessly integrated with New Relic Insights, which allows you to use NRQL queries to create custom data apps and correlate key metrics to make data-driven decisions and save time on reporting.

Citrix Netscaler dashboard
Figure 4: Example of a Citrix NetScaler dashboard created in New Relic Insights.

For more information about the new network plugins from Blue Medora, check out:

Cisco Nexus

Citrix NetScaler

How to Install Blue Medora New Relic Plugins

Using the NPI installer, you can install and start using Blue Medora’s plugins for New Relic in under 20 minutes. The plugins integrate natively with all New Relic Plugin features, including New Relic Insights, New Relic Alerts and out-of-the-box dashboards reports. As a result, you can gain true visibility into any performance issues.

The plugins for HP Blade Servers, HP Rack Servers, Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus and Citrix NetScaler are part of Blue Medora’s suite of plugins available inside New Relic’s Plugin Central. To start your free trial, check out Plugin Central or visit us at

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