Extend New Relic Logs with BindPlane

by Nate Coppinger on October 15, 2019

In our latest press release we announced our expanding partnership with New Relic. You may be thinking “Wait Blue Medora, doesn’t BindPlane already integrate with New Relic?! We’ve seen it on your site forever!” You are correct, well, partially… currently we provide metric integration for 175 different data sources, ranging from public cloud technology like AWS EC2 to Databases to Storage arrays. Now, we are very excited to get to work with New Relic to extend New Relic Logs to support 50 third party data source integrations on their New Relic One platform.

Extend New Relic Logs, BindPlane for New Relic, BindPlane, New Relic, Logs, Dashboard
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The way that New Relic One currently works is that, while New Relic provides an endpoint to send logs to and supports certain open source technologies, it can be very difficult to set up custom configurations for any data sources that exist outside of the handful that are supported out of the box. Often these custom configs can be a very long and complicated process that requires a lot of technical knowledge and deep understanding of FluentD, Logstash, or other open source solutions to complete. To help simplify this process, we have developed the BindPlane Logs Agent. 

Extend New Relic Logs, BindPlane for New Relic, BindPlane, New Relic, Logs, Overview, Dashboard
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The BindPlane Logs Agent is deployed via a single line install command for Windows and Linux and a yaml file for Kubernetes that significantly shortens the time it takes to get data streaming into New Relic logs. The centralized nature of BindPlane simplifies updates and configuration changes. By allowing customers to create and push out all of their changes right from the BindPlane UI or programmatically from the BindPlane API, they spend less time on configuring JSON files. When you combine all of these factors, along with the 24/7 customer support from Blue Medora, customers will see a significant decrease in the time it takes to get started with log monitoring while experiencing an all-around smoother, more streamlined experience with New Relic One.

Extend New Relic Logs, BindPlane for New Relic, BindPlane, New Relic, Logs, New Relic Dashboard, Analytics

BindPlane for New Relic will initially support 50 Log sources, including, but not limited to:  

These are just a small sample of the preconfigured sources that BindPlane can integrate into New Relic logs, by the end of the year, we plan to expand support to over 100 log types. Visit our documentation page to see if your favorite data sources are supported.

Extend New Relic Logs, BindPlane for New Relic, BindPlane, New Relic, Logs, Sources, Add new source
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Head over to our site to learn more about what BindPlane Logs has to offer you as a New Relic customer and sign up for a free trial. If you are not currently a New Relic customer, consider signing up for their free trial

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