Evolving Operations for Hybrid Cloud Platforms

by Mike Langdon on August 28, 2018

Your team has just implemented a new Kubernetes-based, cloud-style environment. You decided to run it partially in AWS, and partially on hyper-converged infrastructure in your data center. But it came as a surprise that the tooling you’ve been using to manage visibility across your data center, and delivered natively from your cloud provider isn’t well-suited to meet your observability and troubleshooting needs.


We hear this story all too often. It’s no surprise given that 50% of enterprises are adopting Kubernetes or Kubernetes-based distributions, and 90% use the cloud for at least some portion of their workloads. Unless your entire company was born cloud native, you have to straddle a hybrid reality. This reality exposes the gaps in supporting toolchains–like monitoring–that orbit platform transformation.


That’s why the market needs a new approach to monitoring data integration, so that full stack visibility is possible, regardless of the technologies in your stack(s), or the toolchains you use to manage them.


Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of our latest set of integrations for hybrid cloud platform environments. Blue Medora’s Hybrid Platform Operations monitoring solution uniquely delivers operational visibility to enterprises seeking agility through platforms built on Kubernetes or Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Container Services run either in AWS or on hyper-converged infrastructure like Dell EMC VxRail. Customers can dramatically accelerate operations using Blue Medora to surface key metrics on the health and behavior of their hybrid platform. The solution provides performance from infrastructure to virtualization to orchestration, in the context of dependencies inside and across the platform. This relationship-aware data drives powerful dashboarding and intelligent alerting not possible with a single monitoring tool.

It is delivered as an IT metrics app solution for VMware vRealize Operations, or monitoring integration as a service (MIaaS) via BindPlane to a range of monitoring and analytics tools, including New Relic and Microsoft Azure.

Blue Medora integrations provide pure resource observability without agent-based instrumentation, resulting a Dimensional Data stream of deep metrics, resource dependency mapping, and high value insights. The solution allows for granular control of data access by namespace, and continuous snapshotting of the entire environment for forensic understanding of ephemeral elements. The combination of these capabilities dramatically reduces troubleshooting and pre-empts resource contention.

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True Visibility
BindPlane for VMware vRealize Operations

True Visibility allows cloud management teams to use VMware vRealize’s powerful machine learning and capacity planning engine across their entire hybrid cloud environment.

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BindPlane for Microsoft Azure Monitor

Make Azure Monitor your first-pane-of-glass across your entire multi-cloud, multi-database or hybrid platform environment.

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