How to Drive Better Performance from Your Converged Infrastructure with New Relic

by bluemedora_editor on January 13, 2017

Ensuring that you have enough shared resources for your converged infrastructure serves as the main concern for those who maintain those systems. With the Blue Medora Dell EMC VCE Vblock Plugin for New Relic, you gain insight into this — and more — to ensure that all components of your infrastructure are operating at peak performance.

This plugin is part of the True Visibility Suite for New Relic, which features 25 plugins designed to give you true visibility across the entire IT stack. In this blog post, I’ll highlight key areas of visibility within the New Relic plugin to drive better performance.

Access More Metrics and Dashboards

If you don’t have the right reporting structure set up to complement your converged infrastructure, it can be challenging — if not impossible — to see exactly where issues are coming from. Are your Nexus ports down? What is the current load for your fabric interconnect? Is your LUN Utilization dragging down your system?

With answers to these questions, you can quickly identify what may be dragging down performance your converged infrastructure and fix the issue before end users see a lag in performance.

Correlate Key Data Points

With different elements contributing to the performance of your converged infrastructure, the ability to correlate key metrics can help you determine trends in performance and prevent future issues from occurring.

The Blue Medora Dell EMC VCE Vblock Plugin has a seamless integration with New Relic Insights, which gives you the ability to use NRQL queries to generate graph-based dashboards and reports with the data that’s most important to you and your system.

Improve Application Performance

Having better visibility into your converged infrastructure components can ensure that your applications aren’t being negatively impacted by poor performance from your Nexus switches or your Cisco UCS ports.

As a result, you can mitigate one of the main fears that teams have about migrating to a converged infrastructure — not having the resources you need when you need them. With the ability to integrate with New Relic Alerts, you can set system-configured thresholds, or define your own, so you always know the status of your resources and can proactively configure changes so that your end users never experience a dip in application performance.

To learn more about the Dell EMC VCE Vblock Plugin from Blue Medora, view our data sheet, overview presentation or get a free trial.

About Blue Medora

Blue Medora creates software that extends the capabilities of New Relic and exposes more elements of your underlying hardware and software solutions to provide you with detailed performance metrics and in-depth analytics across the IT stack.

As a result, you receive comprehensive visibility into your physical and virtual infrastructure for root cause analysis and overall infrastructure management. For more information about the True Visibility Suite for New Relic, visit our website

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