Discovery Library Adapter

by bluemedora_editor on May 25, 2011

The steps to create a TADDM environment suitable for testing, demonstration and proof of technology.

The three parts of a DLA are as follows:

  1. Tivoli Monitoring Service Discovery Library Adapter (TMS DLA)
    1. sometimes referred to as the “DLA Agent Template”, “Agent XML”, or simply the “Template”
    2. defines the mappings of the Agent’s raw fields (rows / columns) to existing Common Data Model (CDM) objects
    3. used to create an IdML Book
    4. often named like “<agent product code>_tmsdla.xml”
    5. parsed by an executable represented in Image 1 (below) by “KfwTmsDla”
    6. represented in Image 4 (below) by “AgentXMLs”
  2. Identification Markup Language Book (IdML Book)
    1. sometimes referred to as the “DLA Book” or “Book”
    2. represents the actual data contained in the Agent’s raw fields (rows / columns)
    3. complies with the CDM
    4. represented in Image 1 (below) as “DLA book”
  3. Bulk Load Program
    1. responsible for loading information stored in an IdML Book into a database (which can then be queried by TADDM / TBSM)
    2. little documentation exists for this part of the DLA
    3. represented in Image 1 (below) as “”



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