Destroy ZFS Dataset with a dataset is busy error

by bluemedora_editor on July 2, 2012


I had this issue removing zfs dataset on an OpenSolaris file server. The dataset I was trying to remove was data/vi-san-1, which was a shared ISCSI target.

The Error

Sun Microsystems Inc. SunOS 5.11 snv_111b November 2008
root@atlas:~# zfs list
NAME USED AVAIL REFER MOUNTPOINTdata/vi-san-1 2T 2.15T 36.6G -
root@atlas:~# zfs destroy data/vi-san-1
cannot remove device links for 'data/vi-san-1': dataset is busy

Stopping the ISCSI Services

I manaully stopped the iscsi services to ensure that there are no clients (initiators) connected to this iscsi target

root@atlas:~# svcadm  disable svc:/system/iscsitgt:default

Verify that the iscsi services have stopped:

root@atlas:~# svcs -a | grep iscsi
disabled Jun_11 svc:/network/iscsi_initiator:default
disabled 13:12:16 svc:/system/iscsitgt:default

Volume Registration in the ISCSI Services

Delete the registration with the iscsi services for the volume.

root@atlas:~# sbdadm list-lu
Found 1 LU(s)
------------------------------- ----------------- ---------------
600144f06c8f810000004d23861f0001 2199023190016 /dev/zvol/rdsk/data/vi-san-1
root@atlas:~# sbdadm delete-lu 600144f06c8f810000004d23861f0001


root@atlas:~# zfs destroy -f data/vi-san-1


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