Video: 60 Seconds to Identify Database Performance Bottleneck on VMware

by bluemedora_editor on June 12, 2014

With the Plugin for VMware, knowing when the virtual infrastructure is the cause of database performance issues is easy. Easy navigation and alerting right within Enterprise Manager 12c, and even the Oracle Database target, means unprecedented speed and ease of identifying if the application or infrastructure is causing issues.

This video demonstrates just how easy it is see what components of the virtual infrastructure may be affecting your database performance. If you like what you see, consider requesting a trial to see what it can do in your environment.   In roughly 45 seconds you are going to see the following:

  1. Issue is reported indicating a potential performance problem with a Oracle database
  2. Navigate to the appropriate Oracle Database target page to begin troubleshooting and diagnostics
  3. From the Oracle Database page, immediately identify the list of related VMware incidents (alerts) that are potentially affecting Oracle Database performance
  4. One click navigation directly to a dedicated ‘Orace on VMware’ mashup page that tells the DBAs why VMware layers are affecting Oracle Database performance


To get hands on with the Plugin for VMware and see how it can take Enterprise Manager to a whole new level, download a trial today. Not ready for a trial yet? Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date on the industry happenings and Blue Medora updates.

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