Dan Koloski's (Oracle) Thoughts on Oracle Enterprise Manager

by bluemedora_editor on June 12, 2013

Blue Medora – Oracle “Cross-blog”

We recently sat down with Dan Koloski, Senior Director of Business Development with the Oracle Enterprise Manager team.  Dan and his team are responsible for direct and indirect channel management, product family messaging, partnerships and key initiatives like the Oracle Enterprise Manager Extensibility Exchange

Blue Medora:  Dan, what do you see as the customer advantages of the extensible nature of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c?

DK:  Out-of-the-box, Enterprise Manager can monitor the most common hardware and applications (target types) used in typical Oracle-centric enterprise environments. Because it is not possible to anticipate all potential target types that may exist in a customer’s IT environment, Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a modular way to extend monitoring capabilities called Management Plug-ins.

Management Plug-ins let customers and partners extend their Oracle Enterprise Manager environments by leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager’s horizontal monitoring and management capabilities against the specific applications or hardware unique to their enterprise.  These may be custom applications or COTS software and hardware.  For Oracle Partners, Management Plug-ins make it possible for them to deliver domain-specific integrations for their own technology, based on best practices for the technologies that Oracle Enterprise Manager doesn’t manage out-of-the-box.

The extensibility of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c helps assure customers that their investment in Oracle Enterprise Manager today is not made obsolete tomorrow, when new technologies are adopted and implemented within their IT infrastructures.

Blue Medora:  How do 3rd party ISVs such as Blue Medora bring value to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and its users?

DK:  A vibrant ecosystem of Oracle Enterprise Manager-focused partners is critical in aiding Oracle Enterprise Manager customer adoption — especially as it relates to Oracle Enterprise Manager’s ability to provide value in heterogeneous IT environments.

Partners like Blue Medora provide Oracle Enterprise Manager customers with professionally developed, tested, and supported and maintained product capabilities that allow peace of mind, while increasing the power of the platform for which they’ve already made considerable investments to deploy and use effectively. Partners leverage their own knowledge and expertise in both Oracle Enterprise Manager and, perhaps more importantly, in the technology to be managed to create high-value management regimes similar in capability to what Oracle provides for its own products.  In other words, partners like Blue Medora are where the rubber meets the road for leveraging Oracle’s unique extensibility for enterprise customization.

Blue Medora:  What have you seen from Blue Medora’s activity in the industry to date?

DK:  Blue Medora has taken a leadership position in the ISV ecosystem around Oracle Enterprise Manager as evidenced by the five new EM plug-ins they’ve released over the past six months and the pipeline of additional plug-ins they have committed to on their roadmap.

For example, Blue Medora recently introduced their Utility Pack for Oracle Enterprise Manager to address key monitoring and reporting concerns for Oracle DBAs. The Utility Pack, which will be available in the Oracle Extensibility Exchange, extends Oracle Enterprise Manager’s monitoring and reporting capabilities with granular file system monitoring, time drift detection and alerting, critical x.509 certificate validation and expiration warning, as well as carrier-grade ping capabilities for up to tens-of-thousands of hosts. Oracle Enterprise Manager’s extensible design was created for these types of unique innovations, to enable our users to customize their management and monitoring operations for their specific needs.

Blue Medora:  What is your vision for the Oracle Enterprise Manager ecosystem 1 year from now?  5 years?

DK:  We’re excited by the amount of activity and energy with business partners like Blue Medora, Pythian, NetApp, Entuity, F5 Networks, and others extending the heterogeneous management capabilities for third-party or their own products.  We expect that the number and diversity of partners to continue to increase in response to the demand from Oracle customers.

Looking further into the future we anticipate the types of Oracle Enterprise Manager-focused integration partners, like Blue Medora, to continue to mature beyond monitoring and light touch management and begin expanding into lifecycle areas such as configuration management, provisioning, patching, and orchestration.  We also expect to see partners leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager’s extensibility capabilities in other areas such as monitoring templates, compliance frameworks, data masking/subsetting templates and similar.  We stand ready to work with partners as they continue to build their own businesses with Oracle Enterprise Manager.

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