I couldn’t have said it better myself: A customer’s perspective on Blue Medora’s Oracle EM Plugin for VMware

by bluemedora_editor on March 29, 2013

You may have noticed that we are giving away licenses for our Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware. Why? Our solution is not just new. It really changes the playing field for modern heterogeneous enterprise monitoring by for the first time giving Oracle DBAs a clear view into their VMware virtual machines. We thought taking price out of the equation altogether would be a good way to get our plugin into the hands of some DBAs and Systems Administrators who could really use, and benefit from it without having to be burdened with seeking sponsorship and approval for funding.

We provided interested users with licenses, an hour of installation, configuration, and use case training. The only thing we asked for in return: feedback.

Leighton Nelson, Lead DBA/Speaker for a large Midwestern U.S. health care provider, took us up on our free license offer and has been using the Blue Medora Oracle EM Plugin for VMware as part of his enterprise solution. We spoke with Leighton about a month after we installed the plugin and here’s what he had to say about its value for him:

“Having the VMware monitoring capability inside Enterprise Manager is very important. I don’t want to have to open another tool outside of Enterprise Manager to see when I have issues going on with my virtual machines. I had an issue just this morning in EM and not having to open another tool outside of EM made it that much easier to work on quickly resolving the issue.”

“We don’t have the KPIs for our virtualization through VMware available through EM, so having them available within EM with Blue Medora makes us more productive. Being able to troubleshoot and react quickly helps our productivity both within our local enterprise team and across our organizational team of DB experts, including our VM specialists. With Blue Medora running inside of EM we can see through VMware what is going on with our Hypervisors and VMs which lets us make decisions and respond more quickly.”


Leighton clearly articulated many of the benefits that we hoped to address for DBAs when we designed our solution.  Having a customer say the Blue Medora Oracle EM Plugin for VMware solved a problem for him and his team is important validation from the marketplace.

For those of you who will be in Denver April 7 – 11 for Collaborate 13, be sure to catch Leighton’s sessions where he’ll be presenting or a participant of a panel discussion.

You can find the Blue Medora team at booth 819 of the vendor exhibition hall.

We still have several more licenses that we are willing to give away.  Just be like Leighton, and tell us what you think!

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