Our team's individual talents, skills, and perspectives foster a culture of belonging, collaborative practice, innovation, and mutual respect.

Our Values

Our values are both a shield (empowering us to say “no” when facing contraction) and a weapon (empowering us to take risks and action in the face of ambiguity). These are the values we believe in:

We bring passion to our work which drives creative and innovative problem solving that always reveals a path to success.


We all are owners. We take pride in the quality of our products, projects, and processes. We always follow through. We work together as a team.


We move quickly and change direction effortlessly, which creates a competitive advantage. If we can't move quickly, we adjust our processes accordingly and keep moving forward.


As a growing start-up, we face new challenges every day. When we struggle, we learn from our mistakes and bounce back with a positive resolve.


We prioritize creating value for both internal and external customers. They love working with us and we strive to exceed their expectations. Everyone in every role contributes to our customers’ success.


We believe success orbits around happiness, not the other way around. We believe a fun, satisfying, flexible, and inclusive work environment is essential to our company’s growth.

Sean Fisk

Software Engineers are builders. We express passion in the execution of our trade because we enjoy developing software. Our love for software development naturally leads us to create the best user experience possible. This means worrying about the performance, edge cases, and usability of our software. This means minimizing configuration and maximizing concrete value for our customers. Our passion for software engineering fuels our strong customer focus.

Sean Fisk
on Passion and Customer-focus

Speed is key in my role. Not only do I need to move fast, but I need to adapt quickly to changes occurring around me. Never getting complacent with existing processes and always pushing boundaries. Agility is reflected in our ability to quickly assist co-workers in important tasks and adapt to our customers’ needs in a fast-paced environment.

Brian Williams
on Agility
Joseph Howell

Happiness is the value that resonates with me the most - a value that promotes all other values. If our employees aren’t happy, reaching our goals becomes an impossibility. Blue Medora helps ensure our happiness by promoting work-life balance, flexible dress code, and a positive work environment filled with comradery, friendly-competition, and humor that makes it a joy to come into work every day.

Joseph Howell
on Happiness
Amanda Shepherd

Customer focus is a key value at Blue Medora. It helps create the framework for employee interactions. As HR coordinator, my customers are the employees of Blue Medora. With each request, I strive to respond as quickly as thoroughly as I can. It is critical that everyone I help feels as though they are extremely important, because they are! My goal is to provide our employees the same respect and customer service they provide to our customers.

Amanda Shepherd
on Customer-focus
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