Changing a vROps Systems IP Address

by bluemedora_editor on June 13, 2016

When moving VMs around in the datacenter you may find yourself with your vRealize Operations virtual machine on the wrong VLAN, which can ruin your day if you just go log into the networking file and edit it to the new address. If you have already tried to change the IP like that, you are probably left with a screen waiting for analytics, you will want to change back those setting to what they were before you changed them for my steps below to work.

Changing a vROps Systems IP Address

The best way I have found to change the vROps IP is to change it on the vApp properties tab within vCenter. To begin we need to ensure the vROps cluster is offline and powered down. This can be done via the /admin UI found at https://<Your Master Node>/admin/.

vROps Systems IP Address - Status

Once the node is offline you’ll want to go ahead and change its IP address. We will accomplish this in a two step process, first we will alter the network configuration within the VMWare system settings, then we will change change the network configuration within the OS itself. Additionally you will want to make sure any DNS records that may be pointing to the old IP address are changed to the new ip address.

Step 1: Altering the VM’s system settings

You can change the networking configuration within vCenter “System Settings”. Foremost, ensure the system is fully powered down and then navigate to the IP Address Properties of the VM. These properties can be found in Actions Menu > Edit settings > vApp Options > Network Properties.

vROps Systems IP Address - vApp Options

Once altered, click on “OK” and you will be returned to the system summary screen.

Step 2: Altering the System Network Tools

For this step you will need to power the system back on, as we have to utilize YAST to access the networking UI. To do this, login to the system as root and run YAST then navigate to Network Devices > Network Settings and change the pre-existing IP address.

Please note that changing the IP address in the VM properties is not enough. We must also change the information found within the vROps cluster and GemFire services.Unlike the last step we’ll have two options for completing this task. We can either run a script that changes the required files (option 1) or we can manually change them ourselves (option 2). Details on both processes are shown, in detail, below.

Option 1: Using the script

Once you’re in a session you will need to run the following commands:

cd /usr/lib/vmware-vcopssuite/utilities/sliceConfiguration/bin

$VMWARE_PYTHON_BIN ./ –adminCS={Your New Master Node IP}

Once you hit enter it should return the following line displaying that the IP has been successfully changed:

Exiting with exit code: 0, Successfully completed vC Ops configureRoles


Option 2: Manually change the files

Navigate to the following properties and edit their information using your favored editor as shown below:


-adminroleconnectionstring={New IP address}
-internaladminroleconnectionstring ={New IP address}


-locators={New IP address}:6061


-replicadb.broadcastDriver=xhives://{New IP address}:1235

Once complete our last step is to log back onto https://<Your Master Node>/admin/ and bring the cluster back online. Once the cluster is back online you’ll be able to login to the standard UI with your new IP address.


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