Certifying a DLA

by bluemedora_editor on May 25, 2011

Template Validation

There is an XML schema definition for the overall format of a template.  It will not validate the common data model statements but it will catch most errors that will stop the TMS DLA program from processing.

 (This includes XML syntax errors.) The tmsdla.xsd file should be in the ibm\itm\cnps\tmsdla directory and the validate_template.bat file in the ibm\itm\cnps directory. The template must reference the XSD for validation to take place.  That means that the start of the template might look like this:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>                             

<tmsdla:template                                            xmlns:tmsdla="http://localhost.com/tmsdla"                              xmlns:cdm="http://localhost.com/cdm"                                     product="xx"                                                                        version="06\.20\.01" >

The format of the command for a template in the tmsdla directory is:

validate_template tmsdla\kxx_tmsdla.xml

If everything is correct the below message appears.

highest severity:  0

Errors will be displayed with the line number and column number where they were found in the template.  The TMS DLA utility will catch the same syntax errors, but the utility does not have the ability to display the line and column number.


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