Blue Medora’s BindPlane Expands Multi-Cloud Support – Adds Two More Public Cloud Platforms – Now Available Across Five Top Providers

by Maowee Lee on July 20, 2018

Industry’s First Monitoring Integration as a Service Adds Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud to AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., July 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Blue Medora today announces support for two new cloud platforms – Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud – for BindPlane™, the industry’s first monitoring integration as a service (MIaaS).

BindPlane addresses the common challenge most data center operations teams experience – gaining a comprehensive view of what’s going on across their IT ecosystem. BindPlane dramatically expands observability for large enterprises monitoring hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and is now available across AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM, Google and Alibaba cloud environments.

The Multi-Cloud Challenge
Customers are increasingly operating in multi-cloud environments, with each cloud provider offering its own tools for monitoring and measuring its services. The metrics provided by each can vary, making it hard to achieve a comprehensive view of applications and service performance.

BindPlane eliminates these silos for customers adopting AWS, Azure, Google, IBM and Alibaba cloud infrastructure services. It standardizes metrics between clouds and allows organizations to analyze them using third-party performance monitoring or analytics software to better understand the true cost of cloud services and to identify the best cloud for specific applications.

“Integration with the top public cloud service providers is a top priority for us, as we seek to make BindPlane the ubiquitous monitoring metrics service across these environments,” comments Christian Fernando, vice president of product at Blue Medora. “It’s our multi-cloud mission to bring cross-cloud visibility to all.”

Blue Medora now offers 24 integrations for the Google, Alibaba and IBM Cloud platforms.

To learn more about these latest BindPlane developments, visit our blog.

Blue Medora’s mission is to advance delivering IT monitoring integration as a service. Since its founding, Blue Medora has innovated deep performance inspection capabilities across disparate enterprise technologies, at tremendous scale and quality. BindPlane now supports 146 distinct technologies, enhancing the monitoring and analytics engines of VMware, New Relic, Microsoft and others. Blue Medora’s unique “Dimensional Data” approach to the monitoring integration challenge is designed for customers seeking best of breed telemetry and management across multiple IT teams and operating across hybrid/heterogeneous environments.

About Blue Medora
Blue Medora’s pioneering IT monitoring integration as a service addresses today’s IT challenges by easily connecting system health and performance data—no matter its source—with the world’s leading monitoring and analytics platforms. Blue Medora helps customers unlock dimensional data across their IT stack, otherwise hidden by traditional approaches to metrics collection.

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