Blue Medora vROpsCLI Tutorial Part One: Getting Started

by Tim George on February 22, 2019

Recently, we introduced a command line tool called vROpsCLI for VMware vRealize Operations Manager that opens wealth of options to programmatically manage mundane or large scale tasks using the rich APIs in vROps. You can install multiple management packs with one command, configure these packs, change credentials sets, and even check or update alert definitions without even setting foot within the vRealize UI. This tool was developed right here at Blue Medora by our own resident expert, Steve Miller. Steve wrote a blog that describes some of the functionality of this tool in more detail.

It may seem intimidating to launch into learning a new command line tool at first, but I assure you, the advantages are worth the short time it takes to understand the commands. As part of a multi-part series of video blogs, I made a tutorial video that goes through the installation and setup of this sophisticated tool.

Blue Medora vROpsCLI Tutorial Part One

The video also goes through some of the more basic commands such as checking versioning, listing your collectors, CLI configuration, as well as viewing and uploading your vROps licenses.

The complete README and usage guide can be found on Blue Medora’s public Github page. It’s also worth noting that this project is completely open source so if you would like to contribute, or make any improvements that might help manage your vRealize environment from a command line perspective, feel free to tune to your heart’s content.

This is only the beginning of what the vROpsCLI tool can do to help manage your vRealize environment. There’s plenty more to come. Subscribe to this blog to see more videos on functionality, along with advanced use cases and examples in later posts. Stay tuned for part two of the vROpsCLI tutorial series.

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