Blue Medora and VMware Expand vRealize Operations to the Entire SDDC Stack

by bluemedora_editor on September 13, 2016

This year at VMworld US, we were excited to announce that the True Visibility Suite for vRealize Operations (vROps) is now available for VMware resellers to take to market. That means more than 74,000 new partners are joining the Blue Medora team. If you’re one of them, welcome. If you haven’t heard of us, we’re the leading management pack provider for vRealize Operations. And, if you missed us at the show, a quick demo will show you how we can help you build a smoother on ramp to cloud and SDDC for your customers.

As many solution providers know, comprehensive IT visibility is one of the biggest challenges IT directors face. With heterogeneous, hybrid environments now the norm, they need to find a way to manage dozens of disparate IT silos.

We call it True Visibility because that’s what it’s designed to do. It extends the vRealize Operations cloud management platform, making it a comprehensive ITOA platform as well. Dozens of validated VMware vROps management aggregate data from the leading server, storage, compute and database applications – including Amazon, Cisco, Citrix, Mongo, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle and SAP – to deliver end-to-end, virtualization-aware visibility of an organization’s resources, regardless of where they reside. True Visibility helps accurately identify the exact of potential IT issues, not just the symptoms. With True Visibility and vRealize Operations, root cause identification drops up to 50%.

Last week at the show, I’m sure you saw other providers pitching they do the same thing. I assure you, they don’t do it as well. What makes Blue Medora different is coverage and context. We offer the broadest coverage of the multi-cloud, heterogeneous IT stack in the industry. Paring that data depth with the vRealize’s visualization tools gives IT organizations the cross-platform context they need to connect the dots between the application, databases, virtual machines and infrastructure—without adding a single tool to their stack.

Those differences are part of the reason the work of a startup out of Grand Rapids, Michigan has been attracting the cooperation of industry giants like VMware, an investor and involved partner. We worked hand-in-hand with the cloud management team at VMware to align our packaging, sales process and pricing to vRealize Operations. The True Visibility Suite now comes in Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise editions—just like vRealize Operations. These packages are available in OSI and CPU pricing, just like vRealize Operations, and will be on the VMware price list starting September 1. We’ve even made it possible to add the True Visibility Suite to the VMware EULA.

Just last year was our first time exhibiting at VMworld. We’ve learned a lot in since then about what vRealize Operations users need as they migrate to cloud. And it’s influenced our roadmap in a lot of ways. The True Visibility Suite reflects that. For more information about the Blue Medora True Visibility Suite for VMware visit

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