Blue Medora Streamlines Performance Troubleshooting of Microsoft Databases on vRealize Operations

by bluemedora_editor on July 6, 2015

New release of Blue Medora’s vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server provides unprecedented insight into virtualized databases.

Blue Medora, an innovator in the cloud systems management space, today announced the release of its vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server. The Management Pack extends vRealize Operations’ monitoring, alerting, capacity planning and reporting capabilities to Microsoft SQL Server databases and enables predictive analytics for virtualized Microsoft SQL server landscapes.

Until now, VMware administrators (vAdmins) have had little visibility into the Microsoft SQL Server workloads in their VMware environments. As IT environments become increasingly interconnected, this lack of visibility challenges vAdmins to manage their integrated infrastructure. The new vRealize Operations Management Pack unifies the database layer with the infrastructural layers into a cohesive and integrated view within vROps. This single-pane view provides administrators with an unprecedented ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues in their IT environments, ensuring optimal performance of business-critical applications.

“Today’s administrators are operating at a speed and scale that necessitates collaboration between databases and cloud-systems administration. We see problems related to database performance, health and availability that can severely hamper daily operations and have a negative impact on application availability and performance,” said Nathan Owen, president and CEO, Blue Medora. “Historically, vROps administrators haven’t had easy visibility into the health of the Microsoft SQL Server environment even though it’s an increasingly critical component of the database ecosystem. With vROps Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server, Blue Medora provides vAdmins with the tools to take control of both virtualized and traditional Microsoft SQL Server landscapes and proactively avoid issues.”

Blue Medora’s newest Management Pack includes support for vRealize Operations version 6.0, allowing users to monitor capacity and rapidly identify and resolve memory, CPU and storage issues and reduce time spent troubleshooting in virtualized databases. The vROps Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server enables proactive management of performance and availability by providing intelligent alerts and recommendations and communicating indications of potential issues before they evolve into incidents and outages.

Key features of the Blue Medora vROps Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server include:

  • Enterprise-wide Visibility – Each layer of SQL Server and VMware is exposed within vROps to leverage powerful and patented capacity analysis algorithms inside vROps with the Management Pack’s addition of capacity definitions and an out-of-the-box policy.
  • View the Entire Stack – Simplified management and maximized monitoring efficiencies of SQL Server workloads through a single integrated console.
  • Improved User Experience – Traversal specifications enable administrators to quickly find and troubleshoot issues across their entire Microsoft SQL Server environment.
  • Receive Customized Alerts and Recommendations – Administrators can automatically track the health of their Microsoft environments to optimize performance.
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting – Exploiting the new reporting capabilities introduced in vROps 6.0 inside the Management Pack allow administrators to proactively monitor, troubleshoot and remediate their Microsoft workloads.

For more information on using the Management Pack, please see the product page on Blue Medora’s website or the vRealize Operations Management Pack for Microsoft SQL Server User Guide, which can be found at:

About Blue Medora
Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blue Medora’s software solutions tie together data from virtualized and cloud-based databases, applications, and services with the critical underlying compute, storage and network infrastructure to create a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are delivered as value-added product management packs for VMware’s vRealize Operations and Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control platforms.

Blue Medora management packs enable administrator teams to work collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and make predictive insights using advanced analytics. Blue Medora believes true visibility into business critical applications is only achieved when enterprise cloud management systems communicate without barriers. For more information, visit

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