Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for Ping Probe BETA

by bluemedora_editor on June 22, 2012

Blue Medora is pleased to announce we are looking for customers interested in participating in the beta program for the new Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for Ping Probe. Interested customers will be able to participate in an early preview of the product, and experience first hand features under development that are not yet discussed to the public. They will also benefit from direct technical support throughout the duration of the beta program.

About EM Plugin for Ping Probe

Monitors availability of critical network hardware reducing length of downtime. Maximizes network uptime by identifying suspect hardware that is failing intermittently with the following featureset:
  • Global ping configuration options for Ping timeout, Ping retry attempts, and “Slow” threshold
  • Easily scaled to ping many thousands of hosts via multiple plug-in instances, polling intervals, and a option to specify the concurrent number of pings to be performed
  • “Per host” Configurable timeout values that allow administrators to tailor the ping scans for their particular environment
  • Ability to distinguish Hosts that are Up, Down, Responding Slowly, or not Resolvable in DNS along with specific EM-based “pages” that drill down into each of those categories
  • Summarized statistics and EM based views indicating both the total number of Hosts that are Up, Down, Responding Slowly, or not Resolvable as well as the Percentage of each
  • Highly configurable allowing many thousands of hosts to be added to the “host file”


Beta Program Requirements

  • Existing Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c customer
  • Active involvement to deploy, test and provide feedback on EM Plug-in for Ping Probe usage, performance and reliability during June-August 2012

Blue Medora is accepting beta program candidates that meet the above profile, however in addition, we are interested in customers to specifically test the following features under development:

  • Large Scale environments with thousands of monitored devices
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Oracle Management Agent (OMA) running on Windows 64-bit platforms

To Apply To apply, please email

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