Blue Medora Enables MwaaS and DBaaS On VMware With Oracle Enterprise Manager

by bluemedora_editor on December 4, 2013

Blue Medora updates Oracle EM12c plugin for VMware to support full lifecycle management of Oracle Databases and WebLogic J2EE on VMware.

Blue Medora, a software innovator in extending the technological reach and value of IT management platforms, today announced the latest release of the Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c (Oracle EM12c) Plugin for VMware. This newest advancement extends Oracle EM12c by enabling turnkey, full Oracle EM12c-based lifecycle Middleware-as-a-Service and Database-as-a-Service capabilities for Oracle customers that wish to use VMware as their virtualization platform for Development, test, and, production environments.

The Blue Medora EM12c plugin for VMware combined with the power of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Self Service Portal, enables customers to easily consolidate, clone and manage many Oracle database and Oracle Weblogic J2EE instances on VMware, improving IT productivity by reducing the time needed to perform administrative tasks and providing the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues through comprehensive diagnostics and analysis capabilities.

“Oracle has done a tremendous job bringing innovative and incredibly productive DBaaS and MwaaS capabilities to market as part of Oracle EM12c — offering organizations very compelling benefits, including faster deployment, higher availability and lower operational complexity,” said Nathan Owen, CEO, Blue Medora. “With the new release of Blue Medora EM12c Plugin for VMware, customers can finally take full advantage of Oracle’s “as-a-service” capabilities using the industry’s most widely adopted virtualization platform, VMware.”

“Making Oracle’s Database and Middleware self-service capabilities, including provisioning, monitoring, backup, and enterprise grade scaling from one to hundreds of instances, available for VMware is huge for our customers who are looking for reduced IT Infrastructure costs and improved business agility.”, said Marlin McNeil, CTO at The Yucca Group, “the overlap of Oracle customers that run VMware as their primary virtualization platform is nearly 100%. We see the latest release of the Blue Medora EM12c plugin for VMware as removing what had, up to this point, been the last technological barrier to running, monitoring, and managing production Oracle workloads on VMware”.

The latest release of the Blue Medora EM12c plugin for VMware includes:

  • New VMware-focused “management” target that adds integrated VMware provisioning to Oracle EM12c MwaaS and DBaaS
  • The ability to create 1 to up to hundreds VMware-based Oracle Database or Oracle WebLogic J2EE instances that are fully integrated with Oracle EM12c immediately upon creation
  • Integration of VMware based resources into the Oracle EM12c self service portal
  • Adds support for the latest version of VMware vSphere – v5.5

Blue Medora specializes in increasing the value of leading IT infrastructure management platforms. Blue Medora has developed a range of validated/certified integration products that extend the monitoring and management capabilities of IBM, Oracle, and VMware’s market-leading systems management platforms to the world’s leading cloud, virtualization, ERP, CRM, enterprise directory, messaging software, and more.

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